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To withdraw from one or more classes in the current term:

  • Select Registration Tools on MyISU.
  • Click on Add or Drop Classes link under Registration Tools channel
  • Select the current term in the drop down box.
  • Once your current class schedule appears, use the action drop down box to select **Web WD w/a W grade**.

To completely withdraw from ISU:

Use the steps above in MyISU for each course in which you are registered.

When completely withdrawing from ALL ACADEMIC classes, please be aware of the following:

  • Return of Title IV Funds. Contact Financial Aid at (208) 282-2756 for more information.
  • Students who are receiving financial aid and withdraw may not meet satisfactory academic progress requirements.

    If satisfactory academic progress is not maintained, students must appeal for future financial aid and may be required to repay all or part of their financial aid or scholarships for the current term.

  • For information on refunds go to refund policy.
  • Students may be required to move from university housing if they live on campus.
  • Student Loan Exit Interview is required! Go to web site: http://www.studentloans.gov.
  • TEACH Grant Recipients must complete Exit Counseling 
  • For Perkins Loan Exit Interview, contact Financial Services at (208) 282-3898.

 College of Technology students should contact Student Services, RFC Building, Box 8380, Phone (208) 282-2622.

AFTER the Withdrawal Deadline

Students wishing to withdraw from ISU for hardship reasons, including their own medical issues, after the established deadline (see Academic Calendar) should contact the dean of the college in which they are enrolled in order to determine the available options (e.g., taking an Incomplete, medical withdrawal, staying enrolled).