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Apply for Graduation


  • Log into your MyISU account
  • Look for the Graduation Planning card and click on the link to Apply to Graduate.

We highly advise students submit an application for graduation at least one semester prior to the expected graduation date in order to ensure that you are progressing towards graduation within your intended timeframe.

Please note all students are required to formally apply for a graduation date.

Application Deadline

  • September 11 – Fall deadline (December 2023)
  • February 5 - May deadline (May 2024)
  • March 26 - August deadline (August 2024)

 Students who miss the deadline for their anticipated graduation term should submit a graduation application for the next open term and contact a graduation specialist who can work with the student to determine when requirements will be met.

Applying early ensures you will receive timely communications and information regarding graduation and Commencement.  Please review the academic calendar for dates.


Application Processing Fee

  • All candidates will have a non–refundable $20.00 diploma and processing fee applied to their student account, which includes the cost of the diploma.
  • Unpaid processing fees may prevent the release of an official transcript.