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Idaho State University

Cap & Gown

Deadline to buy regalia for December Commencement: March 30, 2020


How to Order

Come to Grad Finale, February 19 & 20 at the ISU Bookstore in the Pond Student Union.

You may also order from the bookstore over the phone (208) 282-3237.

If you live out of town, shipping options are available.


Approved Commencement Dress

  • black robe
  • black mortarboard
  • colored tassel
  • hood - for graduate students
  • honors cords and/or stoles


Distinction and Honors Cords

Idaho State University recognizes outstanding student scholarship in baccalaureate and associate degree graduates by granting the following distinctions:

  • Summa Cum Laude (gold honor cord): to those having an Idaho State University GPA of 3.950-4.00
  • Magna Cum Laude (silver honor cord): to those having an Idaho State University GPA of 3.750-3.949
  • Cum Laude (white honor cord): to those having an Idaho State University GPA of 3.500-3.749

Acknowledgement of academic achievement at commencement will be based on the student’s cumulative ISU GPA at the conclusion of the term prior to the ceremony. Distinction recorded on the diploma and final official transcript, however, will be based on all semesters completed.

Where to get them

University Honors Distinction cords (Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude and Summa Cum Laude) are available through the Registrar’s Office.  

For Veteran honor cords, contact the military education benefits coordinator in the Office of the Registrar.  

FAQ: Cap & Gown

Can I wear a borrowed cap and gown?

You are welcome to borrow regalia, but please make sure you wear the appropriate robe for your degree level (undergraduate, master’s and doctoral). All robes should be black

On what side do I wear my tassel?

  • Undergraduates wear their tassels on the right side prior to Commencement.
  • Graduate students wear the tassel on the left.

Can I decorate my cap?

Yes, but when considering ornamentation, we ask that you honor the achievements being celebrated and respect the dignity of the occasion.

Where do I get a stole of gratitude?

Stoles of gratitude can be purchased at the University Bookstore along with your regalia.


(eligibility, honors, diploma)

Registrar’s Office
(208) 282-4874


Commencement Ceremony
(seating, logistics, program):

MarCom Office
(208) 282-2930 or 282-4798


Cap & Gown
(tassels, stoles, etc.)

University Bookstore
(208) 282-3237