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Refund Policy

The Refund Policy applies to all for-credit classes regardless of the location of the class. This policy does not apply to advance registration deposits required by selected programs.

All refunds are paid by University check or eRefund (Direct Deposit).

Basis for Refunds

Refunds are calculated and authorized by the Controller's Office. The official drop/withdrawal date is the actual date the drop or withdrawal form is received by an authorized University office or accepted in the University's automated system.

Refunds of registration charges for tuition, professional fees, program fees, and mandatory consolidated fee are calculated on the applicable refund percentage applied to the dropped credits, using the first official day of the University semester or session as the starting date. Examples of refund calculations

Federal financial aid provisions may require funds to be returned to federal programs in excess of your ISU refund. In such situations, you will be billed for the excess remitted by the University on your behalf.

The official starting and ending dates of all classes are those designated by the University Registrar.

Fall and Spring Semesters Refund Periods and Percentages

  • 100% Refund: Classes canceled by the University.
  • 100% Refund: 16-week classes for the first (10) ten days of University classes and 8-week classes for the first (5) five days of University classes.
  • 50% Refund: 16-week classes for the next (5) five days (third week) of University classes and 8-week classes for the next (5) days (second week) of University classes.
  • No Refund: 16-week classes withdrawn after the third week of classes. 8-week classes withdrawn after the tenth day of classes.
  • For classes, short courses, continuing education classes, and workshops with nonstandard starting and ending dates, refund requests are reviewed on an exception basis. The official starting and ending dates are those designated by the University Registrar.

Summer Session Refund Periods and Percentages

  • 100% Refund: Classes canceled by the University.
  • 100% Refund: Full-term session (May - Aug) for the first 10 days of University classes and 4, 6, 8-week sessions dropped in the first 5 days of University classes.
  • 100% Refund: Workshop classes dropped before the 1st day of the workshop.
  • 50% Refund: Full-term session (May - Aug) for the next 5 days (3rd week) of University classes and 4, 6, 8-week classes dropped in the next 5 days (2nd week).

Non-refundable Fee Charges/Payments

The following fees or charges are not refundable:

  1. Reduced fee charges authorized by the State Board of Education. Examples include faculty/staff/spouse reduced fees, senior citizen reduced fees, education contract classes, etc.
  2. Late processing charges.
  3. Amounts paid to satisfy unpaid fees/charges from previous terms.
  4. Amounts paid for student malpractice insurance.

Refunds for Exceptional Circumstances

In specific cases, as listed below, a full refund of the registration tuition and fees, credit hour fee, non-resident tuition and professional fees will be granted following official withdrawal from the University, provided the withdrawal process is completed during the first half of the semester or session (i.e., first eight weeks of a semester, first four weeks of a session). Proper documentation must be presented and approval granted by the offices of Student Affairs and Finance and Administration before the refund will be processed.

  1. Induction of the student into the U.S. Armed Forces.
  2. Incapacitating illness or injury which prevents the student from returning to school for the remainder of the term. A medical withdrawal must be processed through the University Student Health Center.
  3. Death of a student.
  4. Death of spouse, child, parent, or legal guardian of the student.

Request an exception to the refund policy other than those listed above

Deductions from Calculated/Authorized Refund

The University reserves the right to deduct amounts owed the University from refunds. Refunds of tuition and fees for the term, less any outstanding balances for the term, are applied to the financial aid awarded to the student in the priority sequence shown below:

  1. Amounts required by law to be returned to Federal Financial Aid programs
  2. Third-party agency payments of actual tuition and fees
  3. University authorizations specifically for the payment of tuition and fees (i.e., graduate teaching assistant, athletics, etc.)
  4. Federal aid programs (see Financial Aid Handbook for priority)
  5. Miscellaneous outstanding balances due at the University
  6. University loan programs
  7. University and donor scholarship programs

Any remaining balance is refunded to the student.

Payment of Refunds to the Student

A University check for the refund balance is mailed to the current mailing address of the student. A Direct Deposit or Instant Pay will be processed to the student account enrolled in eRefund. 

Contact Us

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