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DOD Federal Tuition Assistance


Idaho State University is honored to have the opportunity to educate and serve our nations heroes and their families.

We strive to provide responsive academic and administrative support to student Veterans, active duty military, and their families on campus.  If you’re just getting started, take a look at our getting started checklist.

Who do we serve

We provide support for students utilizing the following military education benefits under D.O.D. Tuition Assistance:

What we do
  • Offer guidance on qualifications, policies, and procedures for DoD TA.
  • Assistance with application and course registration in DoD TA web sites.

If you have questions about whether you qualify for our services, please contact us! We would be happy to assist you!


Getting Started Checklist


1) Apply online for:


2) Apply for admission to ISU
To ensure the most efficient handling of your questions, please contact the Office of Admissions regarding the application process. Only your Joint Service Transcript will be addressed by Military Education Benefits.
921 S. 8th Ave, Stop 8270
Pocatello, ID, 83209-8270
Phone: 208-282-2475
Fax: 208-282-4511
Web Address: isu.edu/future
3) Apply for Financial Aid

Optional - Apply for Financial Aid by completing a FAFSA online once a year.

ISU School Code for Financial Aid: 0016200

Once accepted, complete these steps every semester utilize your benefits:
1) Meet with an Advisor

Academic advising is available in the Veteran Student Services Center. Appointments and walk-in hours are Tuesdays from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. It is to your advantage to plan your schedule in advance of the semester.

Peer Academic Advisor
Phone: (208) 282-4245

If you are unable to make walk-in hours in the Veteran Student Services Center, academic advising is also available in the Central Academic Advising office:

Central Academic Advising isu.edu/advising

(208) 282-3277 or (208) 282-7800 (Idaho Falls)

2) Register for Classes
-Register for classes using MyISU
-To view course offerings at ISU use the online Class Schedule
OPTIONAL -        Apply for V.A. Education Benefits.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What does Federal Tuition Assistance cover?
A: Air Force TA covers $250/semester credit or $166/quarter hour up to $4,000 Fiscal year (October 1-September 30). TA will not cover fees such as books, course materials, taking the same course twice, or continuing education credits.

Q: Who is eligible for Air Force TA?
A: TA benefits are available to both enlisted personnel, as well as officers, but there are specific rules for qualifying to receive them:

Officers must have an active-duty service commitment that runs for at least two years from the completion date of the last course funded by TA benefits.

Enlisted personnel must have a service commitment that extends beyond the course end date for any courses funded by TA benefits

Q: Do I have to reimburse TA funds if I fail a course?
A: Here are the specific instances where you’ll end up being forced to reimburse money that you received:

Receiving a failing grade (F)

Receiving a non-passing grades (N)

Receiving an incomplete grade (I) that last longer than 12 months

Receiving a voluntary withdrawal grade (W)

Receiving a (D) grade in a Graduate-level course

Any non-reimbursable fees for any courses that were cancelled, dropped out of, etc.

For more FAQ visit Air Force TA



Q: What is tuition assistance?
A: Tuition assistance is money that the military pays accredited institutions for the cost of tuition towards a degree or certificate. Tuition assistance is an additional education benefit separate from and on top of the VA Education Benefit.
Q: How do students apply?
A: Apply at ArmyIgnitED

Q: If I am using tuition assistance, what do I need to submit to ISU?

Please submit Navy and Air Force tuition assistance authorization forms to ISU Student Agency Billing in Administration Bldg. 229, via email at ranktaw2@isu.edu, or fax at 208-282-4701. If you have questions or need help with this, please email ranktaw2@isu.edu or call 208-282-4122.

Q: What does Federal Tuition Assistance cover?
A: All branches cover $250/semester credit or $166/quarter hour, and up to $4,000 Fiscal year (October 1-September 30). TA will not cover fees such as books, course materials, taking the same course twice, or continuing education credits.

Q: What is the TA Authorization form?

A: The TA Authorization form is your official acknowledgement that TA has been approved. The form lists the college that will be paid, all courses that TA was approved for and the amount approved.

Q: What happens if I fail or drops a class?
A: Each school has its own refund schedule. Based on how much each institution refunds when students drop a course student may owe the remainder. If a student fails the course they will also be responsible for the costs of the tuition.

For a comprehensive FAQ list visit ArmyIgnitED



Q: Who is eligible?
A: Service requirements - Enlisted

Active duty enlisted members must meet all requirements set forth in ALCOAST 404/14 in order to utilize TA.

Active duty members must complete the TA authorized course(s) on or prior to RELAD, discharge or retirement.

If member is going to RELAD and provides documentation showing that he/she will be in the SELRES, then TA authorized course(s) may begin in active duty status and be completed in SELRES status.

Service requirements - Officer

Active duty officers must meet all requirements set forth in ALCOAST 404/14 in order to utilize TA.

Q: What is the TA Authorization form?

A: The TA Authorization is your official acknowledgement that TA has been approved. The form lists the college that will be paid, all courses that TA was approved for and the amount approved.

Q: What is TA Top Up (TATU)?

A: TA Top Up is a Veterans Administration (VA) program that will pay additional tuition assistance not covered by the CG TA. TATU will only cover the portion listed under “Student Share” on the TA authorization form.

For a comprehensive FAQ visit the Coast Guard FAQ website



Q: How do I apply?

A: You apply by filling out a Tuition Assistance Request form and submitting it to Navy College Office/Marine Corps Lifelong Learning Center PRIOR to the start of the term.

Q: What information is required with TA Assistance Request form?

Complete a College 101 Brief (10-15 minutes online PowerPoint presentation)

Submit a Statement of Understanding

Submit a current up-to-date TA application (with statement of fees from school when requested by Ed Office)

Reservists must submit a copy of activation or mobilization orders

Officers must agree to remain on active duty for at least two years upon completion of a funded TA course

Evaluated Degree Plan or a SOCMAR is required

FIRST TIME TA USERS: must have completed the Financial Mgmt MCI – 3420F

Q: What fees will the TA not cover?

A: Fees no longer covered by TA include equipment, supplies, exams, and costs associated with distance learning.

Q: Will TA cover graduate courses?

A: TA will cover graduate courses through the master’s degree level.

Q: Will I have to reimburse TA if I fail a class?

A: Reimbursement will be required for students who receive a “D” grade or below, an “I” grade that is not completed within 6 months or the educational institutions deadline, or a “FAIL” in Pass/Fail courses.

Q: How can I contact someone that can help me with the application process?

A: Please contact your Force Education Office at mfreducation@usmc.mil or Toll Free 1-866-305-9058. You may also contact:

Force Education Technicians: 504-697-8105/8116
Force Education Specialist: 504-697-9694
Force Education Officer: 504-697-8128



Q: Who is eligible?

A: TA is available to both Naval Officer and Enlisted active duty personnel and some Naval Reservists on continuous duty. It is also available to enlisted Naval Reservists ordered to active duty for 120 days or more, and Naval Reservist Officers ordered to active duty for 2 years or more.

Q: What will Navy TA cover?

A: $250 per semester hour (there is a fiscal limit of 16 semester hours).

Q: Do I have to reimburse the Navy for a low grade?

A: Reimbursement of TA funds is required for all:

Undergraduate level (D or lower) grades

Non-passing (N) grades

Graduate level (C or lower) grades

Incomplete (I) grades in effect longer than six months

Voluntary withdrawal (W) grades

For a comprehensive FAQ visit the Navy FAQ website.


SEAP has been renewed for the year, which allows Idaho National Guard Soldiers to be reimbursed up to $4000 for the state fiscal year.

This program is dependent on legislature funding each state fiscal year (01 JUL - 30 JUN). Active drilling eligible non-technician Idaho National Guard students may apply for SEAP 60 days prior to class and up to the day before class starts.

Soldiers must call the Education Services Officer or come into the education office for a 5-minute brief or consultation.  Without it, their application will NOT be pre-approved for SEAP.

SEAP Manager:  SGT Heberling 208-272-3612; email:  lindsey.r.heberling.mil@mail.mil

                 OR: Lisa Rankins 208-272-3330; email:  lisa.j.rankins.civ@mail.mil

SEAP application submission must be received before classes start for pre-approval.  Grades and completed school invoice must be received no later than 30 days from classes ending to be approved for reimbursement.

SEAP can be used towards:

  • an associates, bachelors, masters, or doctorate degree
  • a job-related certification through approved institutions in Idaho
  • e.g. Lineman's college, aviation schools, mechanics certification, technical certification


Soldiers must meet the following requirements in order to apply for SEAP:

  • Basic Training graduate.
  • State or federal technician cannot apply in accordance with Idaho State law.
  • Cannot use Federal Tuition Assistance and SEAP funds for the same class. Soldiers can use VA Education Benefit and SEAP simultaneously.
  • Good standing: no AWOLS or Unsatisfactory Participation pay codes.
  • Have two years remaining on their service commitment.
  • Cannot have any Suspensions of Favorable Personnel Actions (DA 268s Flagging Action).
  • Classes must apply toward a degree plan.
  • Must receive a minimum grade of “C” or above.
  • Submit all applications prior to course start date.

SEAP Contact Information:

SGT Heberling
SEAP Manager
Phone: 208-272-3612

3882 W. Ellsworth St.
Room 280
Boise, ID 83705

Contact Email:

TO APPLY...  All applications will now be entered online available on GKO (CAC login required). No printed or emailed applications may be accepted.


Q: Can Federal TA and State TA be used simultaneously?

A: FTA must be exhausted for SEAP to be used. Example: if a SM used 9 of their annual FTA allotment of 16 credits during a spring semester, that would leave them with 7 credits for following fall semester. But what if they want to take 12 credits? They could use the 7 credits of FTA to exhaust their benefit for the fiscal year and then take the other 5 using the SEAP.

Q: What is the starting-ending date for the Federal TA "fiscal year"? Is it different from an academic year?

A: The federal fiscal year runs from October 1st to September 30th.

Q:  Where can I find more information on SEAP?

A:  More information on SEAP can be found here: SEAP Application Information and here: SEAP FY18 Statement of Understanding.