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MOVING Into the Future

Moving into the future - Leonard Hall Renovation 2023-2025

Leonard Hall and Meridian Renovation Plans

Idaho State University has received a multi-million dollar gift to renovate the College of Pharmacy’s 80-year-old Leonard Hall. The ALSAM Foundation’s $14 million gift is the largest ever one-time donation received by Idaho State, and it will fund the majority of the construction project.
The building name will remain unchanged, honoring the founding dean of the college, Eugene O Leonard. The renovation will focus on replacing research labs with new, state-of-the-art technology, add student learning spaces, and support a growing graduate program in the biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences. The project received approval from the Idaho State Board of Education in April 2022. 
The Skaggs Pharmacy Complex in Meridian will also be getting an update, beginning in December 2022.
Learn more about the plans in the tabs below.

Leonard Hall 


EAMES Lab Layout

EAMES Complex Labs Layout


Meridian Facilities Expansion


Student Resources

Faculty and Staff Resources

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We're MOVING Into the Future! As of December 19, 2022, find me at the Business Technology Center, Building 86, 1651 Alvin Ricken Drive, Room 115D
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  • Where are the Pocatello dean’s suite staff?
    • ​We’re MOVING Into the Future! Find us at the Business Technology Center, Building 86, 1651 Alvin Ricken Drive
  • Where are the Pocatello faculty?
    • Most of the faculty will be working remotely during the renovation. You can find their contact information here: https://directory.isu.edu/
  • When do I have to be out of Leonard Hall?
    • Leonard Hall will be completely vacated by Feb 28.  All PharmD classrooms will be changed to the new locations beginning Jan 9th.  Offices and labs will be moved in phases.  See the relocation plan for details. 
  • Will I have access to a printer
    • Printers locations are available adjacent to each classroom and throughout campus (see Printer link on resource page)
  • Will I be able to contact Poctello faculty and staff
    • Yes.  Pocatello Faculty, Staff, and Administration will still be available both on-site in Pocatello and via zoom or phone for all campuses.  See the directory for contact information and office hours.
  • How do I schedule a room
    • Rooms are scheduled in the same fashion as before.  See the Schedule a Room link
  • Are there private study areas
    • There are reservable study areas around campus.  See library study reservations link in the resources tab
  • When will we be able to move back into Leonard Hall
    • It is anticipated we will return to Leonard Hall Fall Semester 2024
  • Will I have to purchase a parking pass?
    • Yes, if you want to park in general parking or a reserved lot you will need to purchase a parking permit. See parking information in the resources tab.
  • Where will PPSA meetings occur
    • Student leaders can schedule rooms in the same fashion as before.  Zoom connections to each classroom is possible upon request
  • Will there be support staff in each classroom
    • Yes.  Each classroom will have a dedicated support staff member available

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