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Preceptor Information

Pharmacy experiential education offers students hands-on practical experience in numerous pharmacy disciplines.  The experiential program is overseen by the Office of Experiential Education (OEE) and provides a continuum of required and elective pharmacy practice experiences that have been carefully coordinated with didactic coursework and co-curricular activities to be of appropriate scope, intensity, and duration to support specific pharmacy educational outcomes.

During the P1-P3 years, introductory pharmacy practice experiences are designed to progressively prepare students for advanced pharmacy practice experiences.  The culmination of these experiences is to produce practice-ready graduates who have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of practitioners in order to advance healthcare and positively impact their patients' lives as part of an inter-professional team.

Precepting at ISU

Thank you for considering Idaho State University! 

To become a preceptor please reach out to your local liaison for more information on becoming a preceptor.

Cassandra Tack, MBA - Director and Liaison for Twin Falls/Pocatello/Eastern Idaho
Email: cassandratack@isu.edu

Kevin Cleveland, Pharm.D. - Liaison for Western Idaho
Email: clevkevi@isu.edu

Brandy Seignemartin, Pharm.D. - Liaison for Alaska
Email:  brandys@isu.edu

Luke E. Rice MEd - Liaison for N. Idaho 
Email: lukerice@isu.edu

Michelle Barcelon, Pharm.D,. BCPS - Liaison for Reno
E-mail: mbarcelon@renown.org

Joy Marie Menzel - Experiential Education Coordinator 
Contact for all onboarding process questions. Email: joymariemenzel@isu.edu


Affiliate Faculty Program

Our preceptors are invited to join our Affiliate Faculty Program. This allows preceptors access to our library and some benefits offered at ISU campuses! Requirements to apply are that you complete our recommended CEs as well as be available to take students every year you are an affiliate

Please email Joy Marie Menzel for more information at JoyMarieMenzel@isu.edu

Access to resources such as:
Facts & Comparisons
ISU Library
Syllabus Building

In order to meet our accreditation standards, we need to demonstrate that you have met a few preceptor development requirements. We request all active preceptors to complete the following CE classes offered through CEImpact.

1:  Understanding FERPA: A Guide for Preceptors

2:  What is this Wheel? Incorporating the Pharmacists' Patient Care Process into Experiential Rotations

These CEs are free to all our active preceptors! Please reach out to Joy Marie on how to gain access

2024-2025 ISU APPE Block Schedule

Block Dates for 2024-2025

IPPE Community/Institutional
Block 1    05/13/2024    05/31/2024
Block 2    06/03/2024    06/21/2024
Block 3    06/24/2024    07/12/2024
Block 4    07/15/2024    08/02/2024
Block 5    12/09/2024    01/03/2025

2024-2025 ISU APPE Block Schedule

Block 1 05/13/24 - 06/21/24
Block 2 06/24/24 - 08/02/24
Block 3 08/05/24 - 09/13/24
Block 4 09/16/24 - 10/25/24
Block 5 10/28/24 - 12/06/24
Block 6 12/23/24 - 01/31/25
Block 7 02/03/25 - 03/14/25
Block 8 03/17/25 - 04/25/25

We want to be a source of support for all of our preceptors. Starting in 2022 we will be hosting townhall meetings two times a month to address changes within the college, community, and precepting. Each of these meetings will be recorded and can be found below. 

2022-2023 Videos:

OEE General Update

Student and Preceptor Resources 


2023-2024 Videos

Located on our OEE platform CORE 

Spotlight: Preceptor and Site

Winter Spotlight 
Site: Pioneer Homes Pharmacy
Preceptor: Michelle Bai 

We are proud to announce our Winter Preceptors and Site of the Season. Pioneer Homes Pharmacy and Michelle Bai have been a partner with ISU for many years. Located in the Alaska zone, they provide a wealth of knowledge and experiences for our APPE and IPPE students who attend the UAA/ISU program. We asked them a few questions about their experiences being a preceptor and anything they would like to share with students or professionals. 

Tell us about your role at your organization.

The Pioneer Homes Pharmacy team provides services to elders residing in the largest long term care facility in the state of Alaska. This includes homes in Anchorage, Palmer, Fairbanks, Juneau, Sitka, and Ketchikan. We fill medications, analyze DUR’s, perform biannual chart reviews for our general population residents and monthly reviews for our skilled nursing residents, answer pharmaceutical questions “on demand” from nurses and providers, and provide staff education.        

Tell us about what you enjoy about being a preceptor for ISU?

I love that every student performs their work through the lens of their unique passion and interests within pharmacy. I truly believe our elder’s benefit from having an extra pair of eyes on them with a slightly different focus than the previous intern or pharmacist.  

What advice would you give future Pharmacists and/or Students?

Treat every rotation like it’s the job you want to have; work hard and be positive. You may not want to work at every rotation site when you graduate, but you do want every preceptor to be your greatest advocate when you hit the job market.

Anything you would like us or students to know about your organization or yourself?

While you are on rotation with us remember that we are advocating for people who most likely can’t or don’t know how to advocate for themselves. The work you do here is important and can greatly change the quality of a person's life when you give 100%.



Site of the Year: Kootenai Health 

Kootenai Health has been a valued institution for our IPPE and APPE students. Serving the area of Northern Idaho, students have the opportunity to experience a wide range of rotations and learning experiences for their continued growth and development. They have been an amazing partner of the ISU College of Pharmacy and we are happy to announce Kootenai Health as our site of the year for 2023. Thank you to all the preceptors, amazing staff, and team members of Kootenai Health!

East Idaho

Faculty Preceptor:  Dr. Erin Berry

APPE Preceptor of Zone: Dr. Brian Osterman

APPE Preceptor of Excellence: Dr. Rebecca Hoover

IPPE Community Preceptor of Excellence:  Dr. Joe Brown

IPPE Institutional Preceptor of Excellence: Dr. Howard Madsen

Western Idaho

Faculty Preceptor: Dr. Cathy Oliphant

APPE Preceptor of the Zone:  Dr. Grayson Kendall

APPE Preceptor of Excellence: Dr. Dylan Broadwater

IPPE Community Preceptor of Excellence: Dr. Nicki Chopski

IPPE Institutional Preceptor of Excellence: Dr. Rob Thompson


Faculty Preceptor: Dr. Jordan Bell

APPE Preceptor of the Zone: Dr. Anne Crowell

APPE Preceptor of Excellence: Dr. Valerie Bixler

IPPE Community Preceptor of Excellence:  Dr. Isaac Bailey

IPPE Institutional site of Excellence:  The pharmacists of Mat-su Regional Medical Center

Northern Idaho

APPE Preceptor of the Zone: Dr. Elaine Baker

APPE Preceptor of Excellence:  Dr. Jacob Van Vleck

Southern Idaho

APPE Preceptor of the Zone:  Dr. Bret Walters

APPE Preceptor of Excellence:  Dr. Elizabeth Duncan


APPE Preceptor of the Zone: Dr. Michelle Barcelon

APPE Preceptor of Excellence:  Dr. Heather Townsend


Site of the Year

Boise VA Medical Center

We are excited to announce and select a site of the year. Through their commitment to the community and teaching, Boise VA has been an amazing partner to Idaho State University throughout the years. Dr. Black and Dr. Mason have provided the space for ISU students to grow and encounter a wide range of experiences that can only be achieved at the VA. We are excited to acknowledge and thank this wonderful site and preceptors for all that they have done and continue to do for the Boise area. 

East Idaho

Faculty Preceptor: Tracy Pettinger PharmD

APPE Preceptor of Zone: Mark Keyes PharmD

APPE Preceptor of Excellence: Brady Dowding PharmD

IPPE Community Preceptor of Excellence: Drew Voltura PharmD

IPPE Institutional Preceptor of Excellence: Justin Messenger PharmD

Western Idaho

Faculty Preceptor: Karl Madaras-Kelly  PharmD, MPH

APPE Preceptor of the Zone: John Thomas PharmD

APPE Preceptor of Excellence Rob Wills PharmD, BCPS

IPPE Community Preceptor of Excellence: Julia Hatmaker PharmD

IPPE Institutional Preceptor of Excellence: Malyssa West  PharmD



Faculty Preceptor: Megan Penner PharmD

APPE Preceptor of the Zone: Kaleigh M Owens Pharm D, BCACP, BCPS

APPE Preceptor of Excellence: Brianna Argubright PharmD

IPPE Community Preceptor of Excellence: Anne Crowell RPh

IPPE Institutional Preceptor of Excellence: Brian Haviland PharmD

Northern Idaho

APPE Preceptor of the Zone: Anna Hoenke PharmD

APPE Preceptor of Excellence: Korey Kreider PharmD

Southern Idaho

APPE Preceptor of the Zone: Alex Lystrup PharmD, BCPS

APPE Preceptor of Excellence: Rudy Deleon PharmD


APPE Preceptor of the Zone: Justin Holt PharmD, BCACP

APPE Preceptor of Excellence: Olivia Emerson, PharmD, BCPS


Preceptor of the Year: Justin Messinger Pharm.D.

IPPE Community: Hannah DeVore Pharm.D.
IPPE Institutional: Dr. Brian Haviland 
APPE preceptor of the Zone:  Amy Paul Pharm.D.
APPE preceptor of Excellence: Teresa Bahn, Pharm.D, BCGP
APPE Faculty Preceptor of Excellence: Megan Penner Pharm.D. 

IPPE Community: Michael Watson Pharm.D. 
IPPE Institutional: Benjerman Shay Pharm.D. 
APPE preceptor of the Zone: Susan Wilson Pharm.D.
APPE preceptor of Excellence: Brady Dowding Pharm.D. 
APPE Faculty Preceptor of Excellence : Cara Liday Pharm.D., CDCES
IPPE Community: Joshua Gehrke Pharm.D. 
IPPE Institutional: Bill Silvius RPh 
APPE preceptor of the Zone: Kennedy Wainaina Pharm.D. 
APPE preceptor of Excellence: Mikaela Elwell Pharm.D., BCPS 
APPE Faculty Preceptor of Excellence : Roger Hefflinger Pharm.D. 


APPE preceptor of the Zone: Netochi Adeolokun Pharm.D. 
APPE preceptor of Excellence: Kiya Mohadjer Pharm.D., BCPS, BCIDP 
Twin Falls
APPE preceptor of the Zone: David Green Pharm.D.
APPE preceptor of Excellence : Bret Walters | Pharm.D. 
Northern Idaho
APPE preceptor of the Zone: Marisa Schneider Pharm.D., BCPS
APPE preceptor of Excellence: Matt Handwerk Pharm.D.

January 2022

Tracy K. Pettinger, Pharm.D. | Blackfoot Medical Center

February  2022

 Arielle Arnold PharmD, BCPS | Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center

March 2022

Kaleigh Owens  PharmD, BCACP, BCPS | Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) Hospital

April 2022

Nick Barker PharmD | Minidoka Memorial Hospital

December 2022

Abe Guard  PharmD | Animal Health International 

Fall 2023 Spotlight 
Martin Reed, PharmD & Tracy Coffman, PharmD | Snake River Pharmacy, Pocatello Idaho 


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