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2022 College of Pharmacy Recruiting & Exhibition Fair

October 27 and 28, 2022

Our Pharmacy Recruiting Fair is held each fall, providing students and employers an opportunity to network and form career relationships as colleagues in the practice of pharmacy. This year’s ISU College of Pharmacy Recruiting & Exhibition Fair will be held in person at our Meridian, ID and Alaska campuses and is a wonderful opportunity for students to meet with recruiters, explore residency opportunities and interview for open jobs. Last year we had around 20 companies and 200 students in attendance.

Registration is now open.

Recruiter Highlights

  • Company Exhibition
  • Private Interview Spaces
  • Flexible Interview Schedules
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Residency Overview
  • Idaho Recruiter Information
  • [Alaska Recruiter Information]

Student Highlights

  • Explore Job & Intern Opportunities
  • Learn about Residencies & PhORCAS
  • Attend the Rotation Roundtable
  • Idaho Student Information
  • [Alaska Student Information]

Contact Information

Pharmacy Fair Contact: 

Shari Halcomb
(208) 373-1875

Idaho Pharmacy Fair Student Chairs:

Kiera Martin & Brett Baerlocher

Alaska Pharmacy Fair Student Chair:

Hojung Jang

Pharmacy Fair

Annual Recruiting Event

Our Pharmacy Fair held each fall at our Meridian, ID and Anchorage, AK campuses is a great time for students and
employers to network and form career relationships as colleagues in the practice of pharmacy. Students and recruiters
are provided with opportunities to meet, discuss residency opportunities and hold interviews for open jobs. Each year
we have around 20 companies and 200 students in attendance. Registration fees/sponsorships cover the cost of putting
on the event and go to supporting our student operations.

Pharmacy Fair Contact: 
Shari Halcomb
(208) 373-1875

Thank you for your interest in our Pharmacy Fair, a list of the many activities and opportunities to participate are listed
here. Click on the corresponding links at the bottom for specific registration pricing and links to register (when live)
for each campus.

Company Exhibit
Company representatives are provided with an exhibit table where students can learn more about your company. The
first hour and a half of the exhibit is reserved for fourth year students only, then it becomes open to all students.

Private Interview Spaces and Flexible Interview Schedules
The College provides an opportunity for recruiters to meet individually with students. Nearly 80 fourth year professional
students completing advanced pharmacy practice experiences return to campus each year for the Pharmacy Recruiting
Fair. In addition, approximately 150 first, second or third year professional students may schedule interviews with
recruiters. Student interviews are scheduled for 20 minutes with a 10-minute break between interviews.

Residency Overview Panel
This is an opportunity for your Residency program to have representation on our 8 person panel and discuss the position
with interested students.

Pharmily Night
Join us for a night of fun interaction with all faculty, staff, students and recruiters. We also have a raffle during the event
to win some great prizes.

Sponsorships help offset our costs and allow us to better support our students. Sponsors will be recognized throughout
our event in print and verbalization.
Sponsorships are available in the following areas:
Pharmily Night – full: $1500 Partial: $750, $500, $250
Thursday Student Lunch- $1000 and includes the opportunity to have a presentation during the lunch
Student Breakfasts on Thursday or Friday morning – $1,000/ea

Advertise your company and any job openings during the event in our Event Program even if you cannot attend.

Half-Page Ad: $50
Full-Page Ad: $100
Current Year Info will be posted in early Spring and can be found by clicking the links below.

Idaho Recruiters
2022 Pharmacy Fair Recruiter Schedule
Registration Cost Breakdown
Registration Link

Alaska Recruiters

The Pharmacy Fair is an annual event held over the course of two days where students can come together to
explore their pre and post-graduation opportunities. You can mingle with recruiters, interview for internships,
discuss P4 rotations, and start thinking about residencies.

Not only is Pharmacy Fair a professional event, it is also a social event. We have a Pharmily Night gathering,
breakfast and lunch are provided on campus for the two days, classes are canceled, and students from all
levels and locations come together.

Explore Job & Intern Opportunities
Job opportunities in pharmacy are diverse and Pharmacy Fair is your opportunity to find out which jobs might
suit you best. Come prepared to meet many professionals from the pharmacy field via exhibit tables at the
company exhibit and your own personal interviews that you select. So dress to impress, bring your CV and
resume, and be prepared to have fun.

Resume/CV Handout

Residencies & PhORCAS
A panel of Residency Directors present on the opportunities available and you can submit questions as well as a
presentation on how to navigate PhORCAS and other residency application tips.

Rotation Roundtable
P4 students talk about their rotation sites and what they have to offer. There are representatives from all the different
APPE zones. (Boise, Twin Falls, N Idaho, Reno, Pocatello, Alaska) Come prepared with questions.

Chu Lectureship
This is an annual lectureship for biomedical research/drug discovery for the College of Pharmacy that usually coincides
with Pharmacy Fair. It is typically held on the Friday of Pharmacy Fair during lunch. All students are required to attend
the lecture.

This is a student led event and takes a huge amount of volunteers to make it successful. There are all sorts of positions
for all availability levels and talents. It feels great to be a part of the team and be able to say I helped accomplish that!
Look for info on volunteering early in spring semester.

Note: Pharmacy Fair is a required event for all P1s and P4s - Be prepared and plan accordingly. P4s there is a small
travel stipend available based on your APPE zone and the preceptors get notified by OEE but you will still need to work
out your specific schedule details with your preceptor when the time comes.
P2s and P3s don’t feel left out - Be a part of the planning committee and attend events to network and continue laying
the groundwork for future employment. Attend the Chu Lectureship.

Current Year Info will be posted in early Spring and can be found by clicking the links below.

Student Schedule
Companies with Available Schedules
View my Schedule


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