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Faculty and Staff Resources

Services/Resources Provided

Primary point of contact for facility/university business, Triage student questions/needs, Receives and process mail, Receive guest and prospective students, Facility information & resources, Provide general office supplies (paper, pens, etc.), Purchasing of facility supplies


Office Hours

Contact Information

Office Contact
Facility Liaison


School Year
Monday–Friday 8:00am–5:00pm MST

Monday–Friday 7:30am–4:00pm MST

ISU College of Pharmacy
921 South 8th Avenue, Stop 8288
Pocatello, ID 83209-8288
Phone: (208) 282-4597

Nancy Herrick
Office: (208) 282-2175
Email: nancyherrick@isu.edu


School Year
Monday–Friday 8:00am–5:00pm MST

Monday–Friday 7:30am–4:00pm MST

ISU College of Pharmacy - Meridian
Center 1311 E Central Drive
Meridian, ID 83642
Phone: (208) 373-1824

Janet Renk
Office: (208) 373-1824 
Email: janetrenk@isu.edu


School Year
Monday–Friday 8:00am–5:00pm AST

Monday–Friday 7:30am–4:30pm AST

UAA/ISU Doctor of Pharmacy Program
Professional Studies Building | Room 113
3211 Providence Drive Anchorage, AK 99508

Mara Seignemartin
Office: (907) 786-6553
Email: maras@isu.edu

Name Contact Information Contact for Questions Related To
Tom Wadsworth
Interim Dean
Office:  Email: tomwadsworth@isu.edu
  • Facilities
  • General Operations
  • Staff Coordination Alaska Programs
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Bengal Pharmacy & Clinic Operations
Nancy Herrick 
Management Assistant
What I Do At ISU
Office: (208) 282-2175
Email: nancyherrick@isu.edu
  • Human Resources (EPAFs, PRs, etc.)
  • Budget
  • Facility issues/work orders
  • Committees
  • Directories (ISU and COP)
  • Administrative Council & Faculty Meeting Agendas
  • Inventory
  • Notary Public - State of Idaho
Jen Adams
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Office: (208) 373-1867
Email: jenadams@isu.edu
  • Academic Affairs
  • Academic environment
  • Academic policies (academic dishonesty, grade appeal, etc.)
  • PharmD course scheduling/finals scheduling
  • Student progression (tangentially retention for student tracking)
  • Enflux Optimization (with Tanya)
  • ExamSoft optimization (with Tanya)
  • Credit Overrides
  • Curricular Mapping
  • Pedagogy/Teaching innovation
  • Course catalog updates
  • Registrar communications (graduation with Cynthia)
  • PharmD Student Handbook updates
  • Professional Development/Co-curriculum 
  • Board of Pharmacy communications
  • PharmD faculty advising resource for faculty

Janet Renk
Academic Affairs Administrative Assistant I

Office: (208) 373-1824
Email: janetrenk@isu.edu

  • Academic Affairs support
  • ExamSoft support and management
  • Enflux support and management
  • Annual Course Review support
  • Exams and proctoring
  • Course and faculty evaluations
  • Course scheduling
  • Requisition master
  • Meta course requests 
  • Meridian facilities
  • Notary Public

Tanya Ostrogorsky
Assistant Dean of Assessment and Accreditation

Office: (503) 351-5450
Email: tanyaostrogorsky@isu.edu

  • Assessment (Needs, Process, or Outcomes)
  • Accreditation
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning ideas/projects
  • Classroom Assessment Idea Generation and Support
  • Survey Design and Analysis
  • Pedagogy and Faculty Development Support
  • Data Visualization
  • AACP Surveys.  

Cynthia Tillotson
Director of Admissions & Student Enrollment

Office: (208) 282-3223
Email: tillcynt@isu.edu

  • PharmD Admissions, Advise and Correspond with prospective and current applicants, evaluate applications and oversee admissions process
  • Track and Maintain records of  Pre-pharmacy and PharmD enrollment
  • Notify Appropriate Entities as PharmD Students have a Change in Enrollment Status
  • Scholarship Awards and Tracking
  • Pre-pharmacy Advising
  • Maintain accurate information on PharmCAS, College of Pharmacy website and ISU Undergraduate Catalog for Pre-pharmacy and Admission Requirements 
  • Assist with Recruitment 
  • PharmD advising systems management

Erin Colburn
Director of Student Success & Recruitment
What I Do At ISU

Office: (208) 373-1758
Email: erincolburn@isu.edu

  • PharmD and Masters/PhD Recruitment
  • Student Success initiatives
  • Student Success Support and Alerts
  • Career support
  • Student Handbook
  • PharmD advising resource for students

Ronda Mahl
Student Admissions
Administrative Assistant II

Office: (208) 282-4597
Email: rondamahl@isu.edu

  • PharmD Admissions & Interviews
  • Pre-Pharmacy Advising
  • Assist with Recruitment
  • Inquiries

Linda Jackson
Pre-Pharmacy Admissions and Advising

Office:  (208) 282-2280
Email:  lindajackson@isu.edu

  • PharmD Admissions & Interviews
  • Pre-Pharmacy Advising
  • Assist with Recruiting 
  • Assist with Pharmacy Events
  • Assist with Inquiries
  • General Pre-Pharm Student Success Support

Amanda Hart
Director of Engagement and Events
What I Do At ISU

Office: (208) 282-2280
Email: amandahart@isu.edu

  • College Events
  • Event Policy and Procedure
  • Calendar Requests
  • Continuing Education

Mara Seignemartin
Alaska Programs Coordinator
What I Do At ISU

Office: 907-786-6553
Email: maras@isu.edu 

  • Primary point of contact for facility/university business
  • Triage student questions/needs
  • Receives and process mail
  • Receive guest and prospective student
  • Facility information & resources
  • Provide general office supplies (paper, pens, etc.)
  • Purchasing of facility supplies
  • Budget
  • Human Resources support
  • Assist with recruitment
  • Alaska PharmD Interviews and Admissions assistance
  • Plans and assists with Pharmacy events
  • Alaska proctoring schedule and support
  • Alaska facilities

Ryan Stafford
Instructional Management

Office: 907-317-8162
Email: stafryan@isu.edu

  • All things Audio/Video and Technology in Anchorage, Alaska.

Gary Austill
Instructional Management

Office: (208) 282-1408
Email: garyaustill@isu.edu

  • All issues with DL Classrooms in Pocatello

Wes Lewis
Instructional Management
What I Do At ISU

Office: (208) 373-1844
Email: lewiwes2@isu.edu

  • All issues with DL Classrooms in Meridian
  • Add students to YouTube you can’t access their videos
  • Process Scheduling for Meridian and Anchorage

Jeff Parkinson
IT Systems Management

Office: (208) 282-1484
Email: parkjeff@isu.edu

  • Technical Support Help
  • Student Management Assistance
  • Software Requests
  • VPN issues
  • General Computer Troubleshooting

Marvin Schulte
BPSCI Department Chair

Office: (208) 282-4769
Email: marvinschulte@isu.edu

  • BPSCI Department Issues

Eric Silk 
DCP Department Chair

Office: (208) 373-1802
Email: silkeric@isu.edu 

  • All issues regarding the Clinical Psychopharmacology program.
  • All issues regarding Integrated Mental Health Clinic. 

Gail Burget
Administrative Assistant I
What I Do At ISU

Office: (208) 282-4769

  • Purchasing for BPSCI-Grants, start-ups, and general
  • Oversee/Support Graduate Students 
  • Coordinate proctoring schedule
  • EPAFs and CPI paperwork
  • Faculty paperwork-hiring,Visas, etc.

Kasidy McKay
PPRA Department Chair

Office: (208) 282-3413
Email: kasidymckay@isu.edu

  • PPRA Department Issues

Stormi Essman
Administrative Assistant II
What I Do At ISU

Office: (208) 282-3396

  • Purchasing for grants
  • CPI student management
  • EPAF (hiring) assistance
  • Affiliation Agreements and Contracts for OEE

Shari Halcomb
Administrative Assistant I
What I Do At ISU

Office: (208) 373-1875
Email: sharihalcomb@isu.edu

  • CPD support
  • OEE support
  • Onboarding Requirements (Vaccines, P3 Background Checks and Drug Screens) 
  • N95 Fit-testing
  • Pharmacy Fair Staff Coordinator
  • Meridian Events 

Cassandra Tack
Director of Experiential Education

Office: (208) 282-4794
Email: cassandratack@isu.edu

  • IPPEs
  • APPEs

Joy Menzel
Experiential Coordinator

Office: (208) 282-2987
Email: joymariemenzel@isu.edu

  • Experiential education onboarding and requirement tracking
  • Academic coaching

Phil Yankovich
Director of Development

Office: (208) 282-3655
Email: yankphil@isu.edu

  • COP alumni
  • Philanthropic donations to the College of Pharmacy

Lee Ann Waldron
Senior Director of Divisional Marketing & Communications

Office: (208) 282-1497
Email: leeannwaldron@isu.edu

  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Social media
  • ISU brand guidelines
  • Apparel and promo ordering
  • Graphic design
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Public relations

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