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How To Apply

Students who are interested in applying to the BSHS Pre-OT Accelerated Concentration should meet with a Health Sciences Advisor as well as an admissions advisor from the OT program to plan their coursework and ensure they are on track to apply to the program during their junior year and start the program during their senior year. To schedule a meeting with an admissions advisor from the OT program, please email ot@isu.edu.
Application into the BSHS Pre-OT Acceleration Concentration and Master of Occupational Therapy Program involves a two-step process:
First, in the Fall of the applicant’s Junior year, students must complete the BSHS Pre-OT Acceleration Concentration application.
Students who are accepted into the concentration must also apply to the ISU Graduate School in January of their Senior year.
Application to the graduate school requires applicants to submit official transcripts from all colleges/universities they have attended, and pay the application fee.

Prospective students will complete a Pre-OT Accelerated Concentration application. Applications for the Pre-Occupational Therapy Accelerated option must be received by the Department of Occupational Therapy administrative office by the close of business each year on September 30.
If ISU is closed on September 30, the application is due by the close of business most closely preceding that day.  Applications received after this deadline are not considered.

As part of the application process, the applicant must provide the following:

  • A plan of study showing completion (by the end of the current academic year) of all:
    • OT/Accelerated program requirements
    • General Education courses
    • BSHS Core Courses

Note: All Pre-OT Concentration Coursework must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher. Preference will be given to applicants with grades of “B” or higher.

  • Documentation of at least 10 hours of volunteer or work-related experience with an occupational therapy practitioner in two different practice settings OR take OT 2209
  • 2 letters of references
  • Unofficial transcripts for all college coursework
  • A signed two-page personal essay

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