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Image: A group of students playing cards at a picnic table. Text: Masters of occupational therapy student association.

Who We Are

At Idaho State University, the Master of Occupational Therapy Student Association (MOTSA) promotes occupational therapy and helps MOT students reach greater heights during their academic careers.

MOTSA provides

  • fellowship among students and faculty,
  • information concerning local, state, and national occupational therapy affairs,
  • educational opportunities
    • community service activities and guest speakers,
    • opportunities to attend state and national conferences
    • opportunities to participate within the organization and gain leadership experience

Our Purpose

MOTSA serves its members by creating social, educational, professional, and community events by which members have the opportunity to interact with other professionals to learn about current issues and events related to occupational therapy as well as through other state and national organizations (AOTA & IOTA). Additionally, MOTSA facilitates opportunities to educate the campus and area community through occupational therapy-related services and events.

MOTSA offers leadership and professional development training by informing students of current events within the Occupational Therapy Professional organizations of AOTA and IOTA, providing opportunities for the practice of such training through MOTSA activities, and encouraging MOTSA members to effect positive change through entry-level participation in leadership and service in all varieties of campus, community, state, and national organizations.

Mission Statement

The MOTSA at Idaho State University is a professional student organization with a mission to educate and advocate for the profession of occupational therapy within the community, providing social and professional interactions among its members and stakeholders (students, faculty, and community occupational therapy professionals).

MOTSA objectives

  1. Increase awareness of current issues and events that directly impact Occupational Therapy domain and practice.
  2. Encourage and promote unity and collaboration among the MOTSA membership and local, state, and national Occupational Therapy professionals.
  3. Educate future occupational therapy students, the campus, and the community about occupational therapy through meetings, service, and/or events
  4. Utilize/create opportunities for its members to advocate for the profession of occupational therapy.
  5. Provide social and professional interactions for professional and leadership development(members, students, faculty, & community occupational therapy professionals).
  6. Create opportunities to develop/maintain professional relationships with student stakeholders across the continuum of their professional development (prospective, pre-OT, MOT, & alumni)

MOTSA Bylaws

Read the most recently approved bylaws: MOTSA Bylaws 2020

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