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About the Program

The Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science is offered at ISU through the Kasiska Division of Health Sciences. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Health Science must complete 8 of the 9 General Education Objectives (a minimum of 36 credits).  Students must also satisfy the core requirements of the major and the requirements for one of the health science concentrations.

BSHS Pre-OT Concentration

This concentration will prepare students to graduate and apply to a graduate program in occupational therapy. Graduate occupational therapy programs will accept a wide range of undergraduate degrees, but the B.S. in Health Science Pre-Occupational Therapy concentration prepares the student for future practice in health care while efficiently including many prerequisite courses required by entry-level occupational therapy programs throughout the country. Students should check for specific requirements of the programs to which they intend to apply.

BSHS Pre-OT Accelerated Concentration

The BSHS Pre-OT Accelerated Concentration is an opportunity offered by ISU that allows students to earn both a Bachelors and Masters degree in six years, instead of the traditional seven years. Students must be enrolled at ISU with junior standing and a declared major in Health Science to apply into the
concentration. Students apply to join the concentration during Fall of their junior year, and begin to take occupational therapy coursework during their senior year, are awarded a Bachelor of Science in Health Science following their first year of occupational therapy coursework, then complete the Master of Occupational Therapy during the next two years.

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