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Complaint Resolution

  1. Students should follow the process outlined within academic complaints/grievances for a particular course. Students with any conduct concerns should follow the process outlined in the Student Conduct Policy.  Both of these processes are available to all students, including those in Distance Education.
  2. It is the intention of Idaho State University to provide clear, accurate, and appropriate information to all students.  Federal and state laws that govern consumer protection are the guide to ensure students are free from fraudulent or dishonest information from any entity, including Idaho State University. Examples of consumer protection issues can include:
    1. Veracity of recruitment and marketing materials; 
    2. Accuracy of job placement data; 
    3. Accuracy of information about tuition, fees, and financial aid; 
    4. Complete and accurate admission requirements for courses and programs; 
    5. Accuracy of information about the Institution’s accreditation and/or any programmatic/specialized accreditation held by the institution’s programs; 
    6. Accuracy of information about whether course work meets any relevant Professional Licensing requirements or the requirements of specialized Accrediting Agencies; 
    7. Accuracy of information about whether the Institution’s course work will transfer to other institutions; and 
    8. Operation of Distance Education programs consistent with practices expected by institutional accreditors (and, if applicable, programmatic/specialized accreditors) and/or the C-RAC Guidelines for Distance Education. 

For complaints regarding any of these items, a student must first contact the Office of the Dean of Students at Idaho State University.  Every effort will be made to resolve the concern as quickly and completely as possible.

Office of the Dean of Students

(208) 282-2794


If, however, the student complaint is not resolved with the Dean of Students, the student may appeal to the State Portal Entity for Online Education in Idaho.

State Portal Entity Contact

Tamara Baysinger

Private Colleges and Proprietary School Coordinator

650 W State St, Suite 307

Boise, ID 83720-0037



If you are a veteran, additional resources may be found here:

ISU Veteran Student Services Center

(208) 282-4245

National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA)

State Contacts - for each state

To file a formal complaint of harassment or discrimination based on a protected class please contact the ISU Office of Equity and Inclusion or call (208) 282-3964.