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Where are eISU fees allocated?

The purpose and vision of eISU is to provide the university community with a central framework for delivering quality education to students where they live, when they need it, regardless of time and place.  We also:

  • Provide leadership to the campus for best practices in alternative delivery of courses, primarily online
  • Assist faculty with instructional preparedness to deliver quality online courses
  • Ensure students have every opportunity to succeed and flourish in a totally online university environment by offering the services noted below.  
  • Lead both internal and external efforts around regulation and policy compliance for online course delivery.

We are guided by the following principles and values:

  • Encourage engaging interactions between students and faculty that lead to student-centered education
  • Promote continuous quality improvement in education through research and practice
  • Improve access to ISU for those not able to participate in an on-campus higher education experience
  • Promote a fair, ethical, and professional educational environment

eISU fees are collected to pay for the additional costs of offering quality online education at Idaho State University.  These are costs that the university would not incur if we were not offering quality online education and concerned about online students having a quality educational experience similar in quality to their face to face classes.

  • Online Proctoring

  • Online Tutoring
  • Captioning - Accessibility Checks for all online courses

  • Digital course materials and software specifically for online courses

  • Online Student Support

  • Web Conferencing (Zoom) (Partial)

  • Moodle (Partial)

  • Bandwidth (Partial)

  • Online Teacher Development for faculty teaching online courses

  • Instructional Design help for faculty teaching online courses

  • NC-SARA  - state and federal compliance costs