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Idaho State University

eISU Course Scheduling

Proper identification and coding of online courses is essential to the success of the eISU initiative. As part of the course scheduling process that occurs each term, departments must report to the Office of the Registrar the following information about eISU courses being offered that particular term:

  • CRN: Course Registration Number (this number changes every term).
  • Schedule Type: All eISU courses must be designated as "AO", "OL", or "SO".
  • Days Held: No days should be indicated for eISU courses.
  • Start Time/Stop Time: These items should be left blank for eISU courses.
  • Bldg/Room: No building or room should be reserved for eISU courses.
  • Class Fee Detail Code: Each college and the Division of Health Sciences have been assigned a detail code that enables the Office of the Controller to deposit eISU course revenue into a local account for that college or the Division. For accurate crediting of revenue, the departments must indicate one of the following detail codes for each eISU course they offer:
    • Arts and Letter = IAL
    • Business = IBU
    • Education = IED
    • Science and Engineering = ISE
    • Technology = ICT
    • Division of Health Sciences = IHS
    • Meridian campus = IMD
  • Class Fee: $35 per credit for eISU courses
  • Fixed or Per Credit: Per Credit

These items appear on a Course Scheduling Worksheet distributed by the Office of the Registrar before the beginning of each term. Although other information is also requested on the worksheet, the above items are particularly important for the proper scheduling of eISU courses.