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Undergraduate students interested in a major or minor offered by the College of Science and Engineering are strongly encouraged, as soon as possible in their college career, to contact an advisor within the appropriate discipline. These advisors are intimately familiar with the degree requirements and can recommend the sequence of classes best suited for each student. They can also describe the culture, extracurricular activities, and job opportunities associated with their degree programs. Depending upon the department, this advisor may be the department chair, a program director, a specific faculty member within the department, or any other faculty member. To find the appropriate person, please contact the department directly and ask for advising assistance.

  • ISU Central Academic Advising provides academic assistance to all undergraduate students and is particularly useful for students who have not selected a major field of concentration.
  • Graduate students with advising questions should communicate directly with their faculty mentor or the department's graduate program director.

Academic Programs for Majors

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ISU Central Academic Advising

Scholarship Opportunities

For more information visit the Scholarships website.


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Dean's Excellence Fund Request for Students

The College of Science and Engineering Dean’s Excellence Fund is intended to support students in their journey through ISU. The Dean's Office is particularly interested in providing financial assistance to students who might not be able to enroll in or complete the semester because of short-term financial hardships. Students seeking such support should be in good academic standing.

Please fill out this form to submit your request for a disbursement from the Dean's Excellence Fund.