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Nuclear Engineering


Idaho LAUNCH grants provide graduating high school seniors with an opportunity to have up to 80% of their tuition and fees covered, up to $8,000, for programs leading to in-demand careers, including Nuclear Engineering. Additionally, students who receive Idaho LAUNCH grants have the option to combine them with other scholarships offered by Idaho State University.

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Welcome to Idaho State Nuclear Engineering

We’re glad you are interested in our exciting nuclear engineering program at Idaho State University. The program addresses the strong demand for nuclear engineers in the public and private sectors and prepares students to work on medical applications of ionizing radiation, nuclear safety, nuclear fuel, radioactive waste disposal, the problems of nuclear proliferation, and more. 

The Department of Nuclear Engineering offers an ABET-accredited Bachelor of Science (B.S.), the region's only nuclear engineering bachelor’s degree. Through the Graduate School, we also offer a Master of Science (M.S.) and a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in Nuclear Engineering. Our Nuclear Engineering Faculty members are motivated and committed to achieving excellence in the classroom and laboratory. 

The department is home to one of only 24 university-operated nuclear reactors in the United States. In addition to giving our students hands-on experience operating a reactor, AGN-201 is also used for industrial and research experiments by experts nationwide. Meanwhile, our sub-critical assembly allows our students to experience handling nuclear fuel.

Nuclear engineers are in continuous demand across all employment sectors and enjoy one of the highest starting salaries of all college majors, especially within Idaho. ISU's main campus is just 45 miles away from the nation's lead nuclear energy research and development laboratory: Idaho National Laboratory. Additionally, our Idaho Falls Campus and the Center of Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) are within the boundaries of INL.

Outside of the classroom, our Pocatello campus is surrounded by the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and students have ample opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, and more. Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks are just a short drive away. 

It is truly an exciting time to be a nuclear engineer, and we invite you to explore our website and schedule a visit with Nuclear Engineering to learn more about the program. 

Research Areas

Advanced Reactors

Special types of power plants that use advanced technology to make nuclear energy in safer and more efficient ways.

Environmental Radiation

The energy released by nuclear materials that can be harmful to the environment and living things if not controlled properly.

Nuclear Fuels

Materials used in nuclear reactors to make heat for electricity; usually special metals that can create controlled reactions.

Nuclear Fuel Cycle

The process of making, using, and disposing of nuclear fuels in power plants, while considering safety and waste management.

Nuclear Fuel Recycling

Taking used nuclear materials, treating them, and using them again in reactors to reduce waste and save resources.

Nuclear Reactor Safety

Making sure nuclear power plants are designed and operated safely to prevent accidents and protect people and the environment.

Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics

Studying how heat and fluids move within nuclear reactors to keep them from getting too hot and causing problems.

Spent Nuclear Fuel

Used fuel from reactors that still has some usable energy but needs careful handling and storage to avoid harm.

Systems Modeling

Creating computer-based models to understand and predict how different parts of complex systems, like nuclear plants, work together.

Waste Form Development

Designing safe and secure containers for storing and disposing of radioactive waste materials from nuclear processes.

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