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Research Interests

Reactor Safety and Spent Fuel

Dr. Chad Pope, Professor of Nuclear Engineering and Chair. His research focuses on developing a deeper understanding of the risks of nuclear power, investigating the performance of components, developing Bayesian inference-influenced mathematical models that can be used to represent the component reliability, and the computational simulation events where the mathematical models are used. Additionally, his research focuses on advanced reactors, such as sodium metal-cooled fast reactors, and the fuel cycle associated with these reactors. Finally, his research efforts are to develop non-destructively measuring techniques to quantify the mass of fissile material in used nuclear fuel to support more rapid and effective safeguards protocols.

Please contact Dr. Pope (popechad@isu.edu) for further research details.


Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics

Dr. Amir Ali, Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering and Innovation Laboratory Lead at the Center of Advanced Energy Studies (CAES). His research focuses on experimental and computational analysis of the thermal-hydraulic challenges and related safety issues for Light Water and advanced reactors. He also leading efforts in utilizing Additive Manufacturing capabilities to design and test advanced heat exchangers technology for diverse applications. In addition, Dr. Ali has experience in heat pipe technology, energy storage systems, and boiling heat transfer on micro-structured surfaces. Ali also has been a mechanical engineering consultant for fire protection, HVAC, and plumbing systems. 

Please contact Dr. Ali (amirali@isu.edu) for further research details. 


Nuclear Fuel and Materials

Dr. Daniel LaBrier, Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering. He earned his nuclear science and engineering doctorate from ISU in 2013, emphasizing irradiated materials characterization. His research focuses on characterizing nuclear-grade materials exposed to extreme environments and nuclear reactor safety projects, including investigating corrosion and erosion of structural materials relevant to LWR and advanced (SFR, MSR, HTR) systems. His research interests include developing and qualifying fuels and materials for advanced reactor concepts, investigating thermal effects on material performance, and using fuel recycling techniques.

Please contact Dr. LaBrier (labrdani@isu.edu) for further research details.