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Our Mission

We educate undergraduate and graduate students in the principles and practices of computer science, preparing them for computing careers and for a lifetime of learning.

Our Programs

We offer bachelor's and master's degrees with multiple options, plus a minor in computer science.

Learn more about the degrees we offer. It's an exciting time to be a computer scientist!

Our Research

Our faculty have varied research interests and expertise, offering a variety of opportunities for students. Laboratories include the Empirical Software Engineering Laboratory and the Immersive Environments Laboratory.

Computer Science News

Apply for a MS in CS

The application is now available for students wishing to apply to the CS Master's program for Fall 2019. The degree has both project and thesis options. More information is available on the department website.

CS Movie Nights

The CS program is partnering with the Bengal theater to offer CS Movie Nights with the goal of providing opportunities to learn about the impact of computer science beyond the classroom. Check our calendar (below) for shows and let us know of movies you think we should watch!

Computer-Generated Mnemonics

Students working with Dr. Paul Bodily have created a computational creativity model for mnemonic device generation. We invite you take a brief survey evaluating some of our computer-generated mnemonic devices.

Win a Free ISU CS T-Shirt

To increase the spirit and visibility of our program, we are designing t-shirts! We want your input. Please upload online a PDF or image of your proposed T-Shirt design by February 25, 2019 via this link. The winning designer will receive a free ISU CS T-Shirt!

2019-2020 CS Curriculum Changes

We are adding some exciting new courses to our curriculum in Fall 2019 as part of an effort to improve the requirements and options for obtaining a BS in Computer Science. More information is available at our degree offerings page. Courses available in the upcoming fall are listed on the upcoming offerings page.

To stay current with the changes in the Computer Science program please sign up for our newsletter if you haven't already by pressing the following button:



CS Related Events

Mondays, 3-4pm - ACM Club Meetings

ACM club meetings will be held Mondays from 3 to 4pm. More information about location and specific meeting activities will be posted on the program website.

Tuesday, Feb. 19 - Hill Air Force Base REcruiter Visit | Time & Location TBA

Hill Air Force Base's Software Team will be on ISU’s campus sponsoring a “Paper Airplane Design and Targeting” contest where students will win prizes for design and aesthetics. The winner of the targeting competition will win a tour at Hill AFB where they can fly the F-16 simulator.

Wednesday, Feb. 20 - ISU Spring Career Fair | 9 - 2 SUB Ballroom

This is your big chance to get to know your future employer! Dress your best and put the skills you have learned to the test... Bring several copies of your resume and your best elevator pitch.

Monday, March 25 - CS Movie Night: AlphaGo | 7 pm Bengal Theater

Come learn how AI is not just changing the world, but influencing culture and the way humans think about themselves. The show is free and all are invited!