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Welcome to Computer Science

It is an exciting time to be a computer scientist.  During the past two decades, search engines, smart phones and social media have transformed our world.  In the coming years, the Internet of Things, intelligent devices and personalized robots will transform our world again.  If you enjoy creative problem solving, working with people and using computers to help invent the future, then you should consider studying computer science!

Because software pervades our world, computer scientists enjoy impactful, meaningful careers that include helping people lead healthier and more independent lives, taking better care of our environment, improving urban infrastructure and developing games.  On top of this, a high market demand for computer scientists results in flexible, well-paid careers.

If this interests you, then Welcome to Computer Science at ISU!

Our Mission

We educate undergraduate and graduate students in the principles and practices of computer science, preparing them for computing careers and for a lifetime of learning.


Our Programs

We offer bachelor's and master's degrees with multiple options, plus a minor in computer science.

Learn more about the degrees we offer. It's an exciting time to be a computer scientist!

Our Research

Our faculty have varied research interests and expertise, offering a variety of opportunities for students. Laboratories include the Empirical Software Engineering Laboratory and the Immersive Environments Laboratory.

Tutoring Services

The CS department provides one-on-one tutoring in which CS tutors, hired by the department, are available to assist students. Tutors are available in the CS tutoring room (230 Colonial Hall Pocatello) or in Idaho Falls. Tutoring is also available over zoom at some times, though in person is recommended if possible. Course syllabi typically list the tutors who are assigned to a course, their contact information, the hours they are available for tutoring, and their locations. However, most of the tutors are able to provide assistance at least to the lower-level CS courses, so if you have questions, please feel free to stop by the tutoring rooms. Note that the tutoring rooms can also serve as a place for CS students to work at a desk between classes. You may also arrange with a tutor to do a Zoom session, depending on their schedule, but in person tutoring generally works better.

Before visiting the tutors, it is a good idea to read the Tutor Etiquette Page.

To scheduled or find a time when a tutor is available check the CS tutor schedule. Tutor list their class and location with their availability.

Normal courses that tutoring is available for are:

  • CS/1181 - Computer Science and Programming I
  • CS 1337 - Computer Organization and Architecture
  • CS 2235 - Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CS 2263 - Advanced Object-Oriented Programming
  • CS 3305 - Introduction to Computational Theory
  • CS 3321 - Introduction to Software Engineering
  • CS 3337 - Advanced Systems Programming
  • CS 4416/5516 - Cyber Security
  • CS 4461 - Secure Operating Systems

Tutors can be found:

  • In Pocatello: Colonial Hall 230
  • In Idaho Falls: TAB 259

Other Student Resources:

  • Please reach out to your professor with course-specific questions, or to your CS advisor with degree or advising questions.
  • For additional questions or if you want to switch to a CS major or add the Computer Science Cybersecurity certificate, please contact the CoSE advisor, Dylan Koenig ( or the CS Undergraduate Program Director, Professor David Beard (

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