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Idaho State University

Additional Computer Science Information for COVID-19

Tutoring Services:

  • During this online instruction period, the CS department is organizing an online one-on-one tutoring system using Zoom in which

    A) Tutors that are currently hired by the department can provide availability as online tutors
    B) Students interested in service opportunities can provide availability as volunteer online tutors
    C) Students needing assistance can connect one-on-one with volunteer or hired tutors as needed
  • Follow these instructions to get help: 
      a. Check the "ISU CS Online Tutoring" Google Calendar to find when a tutor for your class is available.
      b. Use the tutor's link as found in the Google Calendar event description to login to the tutor's private Zoom meeting at a time when they are available.
      c. If the tutor is using a Waiting Room, just wait to be admitted. If they are not using a Waiting room, you should raise your hand once you've joined the meeting to help the tutor keep track of the order in which to help students.

    Note that Zoom is able to do screen-sharing and white-board (available through screen-share menu). To access all features of Zoom, be sure you are using the desktop version of the application.


  • Please reach out via email to advisors and setup Zoom meetings.

Student Resources:

  • Please reach out to your Professors with course-specific questions
  • Please reach out to your advisor with degree or advising questions
  • For any other questions, reach out to Paul Bodily (

Office Hours:

Virtual office hours are MW 3-4 PM on Zoom (link). I will not have regular hours during Spring Break, but feel free to email me if you would like to meet.

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