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David Beard

David Beard

Professor and Program Director of Computer Science

Office: Business Administration 341

(208) 282-2684

David Beard is Professor and Program Director of Computer Science and has been at ISU for over 20 years. He double majored in Math with a Computing Emphasis and Philosophy at Hope College (1978 before earning a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor (1985) focused on Databases and Human Computer Interaction. Dr. Beard has worked for Ford Motor Company Engineering, GTE Government Systems, and Siemens Corporate Research.

Dr. Beard has over 95 patents, publications and presentations, including the Journal of Radiology, of Behaviour & Information Technology, the Journal of Human Computer Interaction, SIGCHI, and CSCW. He has been principal investigator on National Institute of Health and U.S. Army grants, served on NIH and Army study sections reviewing grant proposals, and conducted reviews for the National Science Foundation and numerous journals and conferences. Dr. Beard is past chair for the society for Computer Applications in Radiology and served on the Computer Science, Radiology, and Medical Informatics faculty at UNC Chapel Hill. He has built interactive database visualization tools involving hundreds of thousands of lines of code in 31 programming languages for Engineers, the U.S. Army, homeland security, hospitals, and Radiologists.

Dr. Beard taught his first programming class in 1980. He has taught Introduction to Programming (CS-I) in seven languages as well as CS-II (Object-Oriented Programming), Data Structures, Algorithms, Databases, Advanced Databases, Lisp, Software Engineering, Computer Science Senior Project, Computer Organization, System Programming and Assembly, and Human Computer Interaction.

John Edwards

John Edwards

Assistant Professor

Office: Business Administration 337

(208) 282-4876

Professor Edwards has interests in various fields of computer science, mostly centered around spatial reasoning, and has published in computational geometry, neuroscience, high-performance computing and robotics venues. He developed and proved correctness of the first algorithm that produces topologically correct surface mesh reconstructions from 2D contour stacks, which has important, award-winning application to geometric brain neuron reconstruction at the nanoscale. His other work in computational geometry includes an efficient algorithm to compute the important Generalized Voronoi Diagram on datasets of closely spaced objects, enabling robotic navigation and exploded diagrams of natural objects.

He has also done work on surface remeshing, discovering an algorithm to efficiently remesh difficult datasets robustly without creating topological artifacts, as well as on high-performance supercomputer storage algorithms.

Dr. Edwards has taught courses in Computer Graphics, C++, Compilers, and Algorithms. He is consistently a favorite among students for his enthusiasm, clarity, and mastery of the material. He frequently includes his experiences from industry in the classroom experience.

John has ten years of experience as a professional software and research engineer, first developing a framework and API for x-ray crystallography applications, and later developing algorithms to graphically render massive LiDAR datasets for robot navigation. His fluency in multiple languages, technologies, and software engineering practices are influential in his research, teaching, outreach, and industry interactions.

Professor Edwards has degrees in computer science from Utah State University (B.S.), Brigham Young University (M.S.) and the University of Texas (Ph.D.), with two years as a postdoctoral fellow at the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute. He additionally spent a semester as a visiting scholar at the University of Hong Kong. John has been awarded the Wendell Pope Undergraduate Scholarship, UTexas Computer Science PhD Fellowship, Translational Neuroscience Symposium Best Poster Award, multiple Professional Development Travel Awards, and the J.T. Oden Visiting Scholar fellowship.

Jonathan Holmes

Jonathan Holmes

Assistant Professor

Office: Business Administration 541


Professor Jonathan Holmes joins the Informatics faculty in August of 2015. Mr. Holmes focuses on application development and implementation using Internet based applications. He has been developing web projects and applications over the last 20 years.

He has taught courses in both Informatics and Computer Science. He was formerly a Systems Analyst with the Informatics Research Institute. He has been involved in research projects that use the Internet as a common platform. He has led programming teams that develop and design database driven centric applications that focus on accurately capturing and representing data while adjust to the changing needs of research and researchers. With a focus on semantics and the use of adaptive design, Mr. Holmes has worked to help define systems that are robust and powerful.

Professor Holmes has worked in various computing-related positions at ISU since 2003. He holds a degree in Computer Information Systems from ISU as well as an MBA.

Kevin Parker

Kevin Parker

Professor and Chair of the Department of Informatics and Computer Science

Office: Business Administration 534


Kevin Parker is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Informatics and Computer Science at Idaho State University. In seventeen years at Idaho State University, he has taught a broad range of courses, held various administrative positions, and conducted research with colleagues from multiple disciplines and from various universities both in the United States and abroad.

While Dr. Parker has taught a wide variety of informatics and computer science courses, he specializes in development-related courses, including introductory and advanced programming courses, web development, systems analysis and design, and database design and implementation. He was recognized as 2011 Faculty Member of the Year by the Associated Students of Idaho State University, recognized as a 2011-2012 Outstanding Master Teacher by Idaho State University, recognized as a 2010-2011 Outstanding Master Teacher by Idaho State University, and received the ISU College of Business 2002-2003 Outstanding Teacher Award.

Dr. Parker has almost 70 peer-reviewed publications, among which are 28 journal articles, and he received the ISU College of Business 2005-2006 Outstanding Research Award. His research involves an ongoing exploration of the skills and knowledge needed by information technology graduates and how they can be best prepared to obtain them. That research falls into three major streams: Improved Teaching of Core IT Courses, Impact of Developments in Information Systems on Curriculum, and Emerging Systems Development Issues.

Dr. Parker holds a B.A. in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin (1982), an M.S. in Computer Science from Texas Tech University (1991), and a Ph.D. in Management Information Systems from Texas Tech University (1995). Prior to entering academia, he gained industry experience as a programmer/analyst for Conoco, Inc., a Fortune 500 company. His ePortfolio is available here.

Corey Schou

Corey Schou


Office: Business Administration 406


Professor Corey Schou is the University Professor of Informatics and serves as the director of the Informatics Research Institute and the National Information Assurance Training and Education Center (NIATEC). He also serves as associate dean for the College of Business.

He is a founder and past board chairperson of the oldest computer security educators forum: the Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education (CISSE). He is a prolific author with hundreds of books, papers, articles and presentations.

Dr. Schou has designed and developed management information and training systems for organizations as diverse as the Federal Express, Microsoft, American Bankers Association, and General Motors. He works closely with senior management at Apple Computer, Microsoft, United Airlines and other major corporations.

He was selected as the 1996 Educator of the Year by the Federal Information Systems Security Educators Association and the ISSA service award. In 1997 he received the TechLearn award for contributions to distance education. Dr. Schou was the 2001 recipient of the (ISC)2 Tipton award for outstanding contribution to the computer security discipline. In 2002 Dr. Schou was selected as the Outstanding Public Servant for his sustained contributions to the academy.

In 2003, Dr. Schou was appointed as the University Professor of Informatics. University Professorships are awarded to individuals whose path breaking work crosses the boundaries of different disciplines. He has been selected twice by his college as researcher of the year and has been recognized once for his service record.

Anil Mandal

Adjunct Professor

Robert Howe

Adjunct Professor

Office: BA B15


Michael McGregor


Office: BA 317C



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