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Master of Science in Computer Science

A Masters in Science in Computer Science prepares students for a lifetime of discovery. It enables the graduate to advance the state of the art in computing, not merely to keep up with it. The MSCS develops students’ advanced coding, critical thinking, computer theory, investigatory, and expository skills.

MS in CS requirements and admission information


Graduate Certificate in Secure Cyber Operations

This certificate was developed as part of the state-wide cybersecurity education initiative between the Idaho universities and INL to provide students who have completed a bachelor’s degree with sufficient skills to obtain an Idaho cyber operations job. The certificate requires 12 credit hours, can be completed in one year, and dovetails with the MSCS.

If you are interested in this certificate, please contact David Beard ( beard@isu.edu )

Graduate Secure Cyber Operations Certificate requirements and application info

PhD in Engineering and Applied Science in Computer Science

The Computer Science department offers a PhD in Engineering and Applied Science. This degree further enables the graduate to advance the state of the art in computing. The graduate program develops the student's critical thinking, investigatory, and expository skills. The student will learn the foundations of computer science theory and application, and the interaction between the two. By understanding the extent and limitation of current knowledge in computer science, the graduate will learn to understand what issues are important and why. He or she will acquire the methodological skills to resolve important open problems and tackle challenging new projects. The student will learn to present problems and solutions, both orally and in writing.

Engineering and Applied Science PhD requirements and application Info

Financial Aid with Graduate Research/Teaching Assistantships

Limited financial assistance is available to graduate students in the form of Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) and Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA). For GRA, students/applicants are encouraged to first find a professor who will agree to hire them as a GRA and advise their thesis research. Once you find one, you will have to work with the professor to complete the necessary paperwork including the following Graduate Assistantship Application Form.

GTA positions are allocated based on availability as well as on a competitive and need basis typically after an applicant is admitted. Students/Applicants seeking GTA positions need to apply using the following Graduate Assistantship Application Form.

The application form includes instructions about how to submit the application package and also identifies the required supporting documents to be attached to the application. Existing/current ISU students should attach only their resume/CV with the application form.

Teaching Assistantship and Research Assistantship Application

Computer Science Learning Outcomes

Computer Science Learning Outcomes