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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Computer Science has arisen as one of the highest-paying fields, with the Bachelors of Science in Computer Science preparing graduates for a wide range of careers including graphics, databases, machine learning, computational science, and cybersecurity. 70% of the new STEM jobs over the next decade are expected to be Computer Science related, with a large number of high-paying computer science jobs in Idaho.

BS in CS requirements

BSCS 4 Year Plan

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

Software Engineering is also one of the highest-paying fields, with the Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering preparing graduates for in-demand Idaho careers in software engineering, software development, databases, and applications, cybersecurity, web, and networks. 

BS in SE requirements

BSSE 4 Year Plan 

Undergraduate Certificate in Computer Science Cybersecurity

This certificate was developed as part of the state-wide cybersecurity education initiative between the Idaho universities and INL, to provide sufficient computer science and cybersecurity skills to obtain one of the myriad Idaho cybersecurity coding and operations jobs and internships. This undergraduate certificate dovetails with the ISU computer science major, requires 27 credit hours, and can be completed in four semesters. All certificate courses can be applied to the BSCS.

If you are interested in this certificate, please contact David Beard ( beard@isu.edu )

Undergraduate CS Cybersecurity Certificate requirements

Sample Plans for BS in CS with Cyber Security Certificate

Minor in Computer Science

Computing has become pervasive in today's society. A computer science minor complements any major, and provides additional marketable skills.

Minor in CS requirements

Computer Science Learning Outcomes

Computer Science Learning Outcomes