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The Department of Mathematics and Statistics maintains a highly trained and research-active faculty with a balanced commitment to teaching, research and service. Our faculty consists of 13 tenured faculty, one faculty member at rank and one visiting faculty member. In addition, we have 12 full-time Lecturers and several Adjunct instructors to help in our mission to provide our students with the best possible education in mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics through instruction in the classroom and to support our university, community and profession through a variety of service roles.

Our department has been instrumental in developing the Early College Program to offer advanced placement mathematics courses to students in high school so they can earn college credit in advance of attending university.

We provide mathematics courses that satisfy general education requirements for all students at ISU as well as courses that are specifically required for students pursuing education in teaching, physics, engineering, health professions, computer science, biological sciences and business.

Our department offers the following degree programs:

  • Mathematics: Doctorate of Arts, Master of Science, Bachelor of Science, Minor and Associate of Science
  • Applied Mathematics: Bachelor of Science and Minor
  • Statistics: Bachelor of Science and Minor

Our majors are encouraged to enrich their education with practical experience by participating in undergraduate research, math modeling competitions, STEM outreach activities and engaging with each other and as members of the department's Math Club. We endeavor to provide students with research opportunities to develop their skills and provide them with real-world experience for future employment or to prepare them for graduate-level study.

We are located in the Physical Science Building on the south-west corner of 8th Avenue and Carter Street.

Office:  Room 318

Phone:  (208) 282-3350


New Classes being offered in the Spring 2020 semester:

MATH 3310
, Math Modeling

MATH 4463, Topics in Applied Mathematics:  PIC Math - Preparation for Industrial Careers in Mathematics Sciences


Effective Fall 2019:

  • Math 0025 will no longer be offered on the Pocatello campus. Math 0015 and 0025 material can be completed through our Math 0090 course, Advanced Placement Mathematics. For more information on this course, click on 'Course Information' in the site menu.
  • Math 1108, Intermediate Algebra, will no longer be computer-based.

  • Math 1127, Language of Mathematics, will now run every other year.

  • Math 1143, College Algebra, now fills Objective #3.

  • Math 1144, Trigonometry, will no longer be offered as an 8-week course during Spring and Fall semesters. The 8-week sessions will still be held during summer.

  • Math 1147, Precalculus, now fulfills Objective #3.

  • Math 1153, formerly titled 'Introduction to Statistics' will be titled 'Statistical Reasoning'. The course material has not changed.

  • Math 1160, formerly titled 'Appled Calculus' will be titled 'Survey of Calculus'. The course material has not changed.

  • Course fees for some courses have changed. For updated fee amounts, please click on 'Course Information' in the site menu.

  • 'P' Sections changes for Math 1108, 1123, 1143 and 1153:

    'P' sections are sections of a course in which the relevant material for the course and the material for its immediate prerequisite are covered in the same course. Enrollment is subject to placement score eligibility and, at this time are offered on the Pocatello campus only. Credit hours for some of the 'P' sections or 'P' courses have changed.

    Math 1108:  Intermediate Algebra will offer 'P' sections under this course number.

    Math 1123:  'P' sections of Math 1123, Math in Modern Society, will have their own course number. Rather than being a 'P' section under the course number 'MATH 1123', the course number for the 'P' version of this course will be 'MATH 1123P' and will have regular section numbers.

    Math 1143:  College Algebra, will offer 'P' sections under this course number.

    Math 1153:  'P' sections of Math 1153, Statistical Reasoning, will have their own course number. Rather than being a 'P' section under the course number 'MATH 1153', the course number for the 'P' version of the course eill be 'MATH 1153P' and will have regular section numbers.

  • For more information about 'P' sections or 'P' courses, please click on 'Course Information' in the site menu.

September 25:  2019 Majors and Minors Fair

October 4:         Math Colloquium: 'Parallel FFT-type preconditioning for Krylov subspace iterative algorithms'
                           by Dr. Yury Gryazin, ISU

October 9:         STEM Career Fair at the Pond Student Union Wood River Room, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

October 11:       Math Colloquium: 'Finite element methods with discontinuous approximations' by Dr. Xiu Ye,
                           Univeristy of Arkansas

October 22:       Advising Meeting - AF19 for students majoring or who are interested in a major/minor in Math,
                            Applied Math or Statistics

November 9:     SCUDEM IV 2019 MODELING CHALLENGE! If you're interested in participating, please click on
                            the link for more information.

November 16:    Intermountain Mathematics Competition - AF19  If you're interested in participating, please
                             click on the link for more information.


Sept. 25:      Majors and Minors Fair (SUB Ballroom, 11:00 - 2:00)

Oct. 7-11:     Midterm Week

Oct. 21:        Spring 2020 class schedule online (subject to change)

Oct. 25:        Last day to withdraw from full-semester courses

Nov. 4:         Class level registration begins for Spring 2020 (subject to change)

Nov. 9:         SCUDEM IV Modeling Challenge

Nov. 25-29:  Fall recess (no class)

Dec. 9:         Summer 2020 class schedule viewable online (subject to change)

Dec. 9-13:    Final Exam week. Final exam schedule.

Dec. 20:       Fall grades posted to transcript




First, we'd like to get you connected with an advisor in our department. He or she will help guide you throughout your time here at ISU and in your program. Your advisor will help you decide what classes you should begin with and which ones would be most helpful to you in your career or future higher education goals.

We have three default advisors in the department. Depending on the program you are interested in, please contact one of the advisors listed below to set up a time to meet with him or her. Or, if you have another faculty member in the department that you would like to work with, you can select that person. For all our faculty contact information, please see the faculty page.


Mathematics:  Dr. Tracy Payne,, (208) 282-3650

Applied Mathematics:  Dr. Jessica Xie,, (208) 282-2573

Statistics:  Dr. DeWayne Derryberry,, (208) 282-4474

Secondary Education Math Majors: Dr. Cathy Kriloff,, (208) 282-3093

Your advisor has and will help you to complete the form to declare the degree you are interested in.

For more advising information and resources, also visit: Central Academic Advising website.