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Course Articulation

If you (student) wish to take a course at a different university and receive credit at I.S.U., please follow the procedure listed below.

  1. Prior to enrolling in the course, it is the student's responsibility to verify that the course will transfer to ISU. To see if the course you are interested in taking has already been articulated (evaluated for equivalency), you can check the ISU Registrar's Transfer Articulation Database under 'Resources'. After clicking on the link:

    1. Select the state where the university is located. Select the university. (for universities outside of the United States, scroll to the bottom of the universities list to where the foreign universities are listed)
    2. Under 'Subject and Course No.', find the course that you want to take (listed in the gray fields).
    3. If the course that you want to take is listed, its ISU equivalent will be listed in the white field directly below.
    4. If the ISU course number shows "XXX", this means that the course has not yet been articulated.

    However, because courses are constantly being evaluated, this list may not be up to date. Please inquire with the Registrar's office for courses not shown on the Course Articulation page. They will have current information that may not be listed on the website. 

  2. If the course you are looking for has not yet been articulated, you may request that the Math Department articulate the course you wish to take. To do this, you must provide the Math Department with a SYLLABUS for the course you want to take at another university. (Course descriptions cannot be used as a substitute for the syllabus.) Online courses must meet additional testing criteria and need to be verified, so evaluation of these courses may take longer. You should allow a minimum of two weeks for a decision.

  3. Once received, the syllabus will be evaluated, by the Department Chair person, to determine if it meets the criteria to be an equivalent course at ISU. To be approved as an equivalent, the course must cover all of the same material, at the same skill level, as the ISU version of the course and be at least the same number of credits.

  4. After a decision is reached, the Math Department will send the information to the Registrar's office, so that they can enter it in to their records so that when the other university sends your transcript to them, the course you took will automatically transfer in as the ISU equivalent without going through the petition process.

  5. If the course is approved and you need an approval letter for your funding agency, you must get the letter from the Registrar's office, located in the Museum building. Please check with the Registrar to see what their process and timelines are for preparing these letters. The Math Department does not prepare approval letters and cannot override any policy established by the Registrar with regard to the approval letters.

  6. Once you have completed the course and received your final grade, at the other university, you must have that university send your transcripts to the ISU Registrar's office to receive credit for the course. Please do not send your transcripts to the Math Department.

  7. If the course will be used as a prerequisite at ISU, your transfer grade must be no less than a C-. The course must be completed and your transcript and grade received and entered by the Registrar, before you will be able to register for any ISU math courses that list the course as a prerequisite.