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Undergraduate Programs

Mathematics provides a powerful language for expressing and answering questions about the world around us. The evolution of communication and technology has made that language part of our daily lives.

Objective #3 of ISU's General Education requirements recognize the importance of mathematics in a university education. Upon completion of a course in this category, a student is able to demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Read, interpret, and communicate mathematical concepts.
  • Represent and interpret information/data.
  • Select, execute and explain appropriate strategies/procedures when solving mathematical problems.
  • Apply quantitative reasoning to draw and support appropriate conclusions.

Courses that satisfy Objective #3 are:

  MATH 1123, Mathematics in Modern Society, 3 cr.
     Prerequisite: MATH 0025

  MATH 1127, The Language of Mathematics, 3 cr.
     Prerequisite: MATH 0025

  MATH 1130, Finite Mathematics, 3 cr.
     Prerequisite: MATH 1108

  MATH 1153, Introduction to Statistics, 3 cr.
     Prerequisite: MATH 1108

  MATH 1160, Applied Calculus, 3 cr.
     Prerequisite: MATH 1143

  MATH 1170, Calculus I, 4 cr.
     Prerequisite: MATH 1147 or MATH 1144



The Department of Mathematics & Statistics offers the following undergraduate degrees:


Applied Mathematics

  • Minor


Secondary Teacher Education (The Math Department has oversight of degree content)

  • Teaching Major
  • Teaching Minor
  • Single-subject Teaching Major

Click here to see the ISU Undergraduate Catalog page for Mathematics and Statistics to see the program requirements for each degree.


Advising information can be found at the following links:

Financial support is available via competitively-awarded undergraduate scholarships, offered through the University Recognition Awards. Click here to see available scholarships offered through the Department. 


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