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Mathematics provides a powerful language for expressing and answering questions about the world around us. The evolution of communication and technology has made that language part of our daily lives.

Objective #3 of ISU's General Education requirements recognize the importance of mathematics in a university education. Upon completion of a course in this category, a student is able to demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Read, interpret, and communicate mathematical concepts.
  • Represent and interpret information/data.
  • Select, execute and explain appropriate strategies/procedures when solving mathematical problems.
  • Apply quantitative reasoning to draw and support appropriate conclusions.

Courses that satisfy G.E. Objective #3 are:

  MATH 1123 or 1123P, Mathematics in Modern Society, 3 cr.

  MATH 1127, The Language of Mathematics, 3 cr.

  MATH 1130, Finite Mathematics, 3 cr.

  MATH 1143 or 1143P, College Algebra, 3 cr.

  MATH 1147, Precalculus, 5 cr. 

  MATH 1153 or 1153P, Introduction to Statistics, 3 cr.

  MATH 1160, Applied Calculus, 3 cr.

  MATH 1170, Calculus I, 4 cr.

  MATH 2256, Structure of Arithmetic for Elementary School Teachers, 3 cr.

  MATH 2257, Structure of Geometry and Probability for Elementary School Teachers, 3 cr.


 For more information on 1123P, 1143P and 1153P,  please see: 'P' Course Information



The Department of Mathematics & Statistics offers the following undergraduate degrees:


Applied Mathematics


Secondary Teacher Education (The Math Department has oversight of degree content)

  • Teaching Major
  • Teaching Minor
  • Single-subject Teaching Major

*To see the program requirements for the Mathematics and Statistics undergraduate degrees, please visit:  Program Requirements


*To see the undergraduate course descriptions, please visit:  Mathematics and Statistics Undergraduate Course Descriptions


Advising information can be found at the following links:

Financial support is available via competitively-awarded undergraduate scholarships, offered through the University Recognition Awards. See available scholarships offered through the Department.