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'P' Courses


'P' courses are course numbers that end with a 'P' (Math 1108P, 1123P, 1143P or Math 1153P)

These courses cover the same material that the regular version of the course does, but they also include the applicable material from its prerequisite course. This helps the student to be able to get through the course more timely. To cover this extra material, these courses meet an extra day each week.

The 'P' version of the course may or may not have a different prerequisite requirement than the regular version of the course does, so please click on the link below for the course you are interested in to see what the prerequisite course or placement exam score requirement is for the course. 


Math 1108P   'Intermediate Algebra (PLUS Math 0025)'

MATH 1123P  'Math in Modern Society (PLUS Math 0025)'

Math 1143P   'College Algebra (PLUS Math 1108)'

MATH 1153P  'Statistical Reasoning (PLUS Math 1108)'