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Waiting List



If the math class that you are trying to enroll in is full, you may add yourself to the waiting list for that section (unless the waiting list is also closed). The Department Chair will try to accommodate as many students as possible who need to take the course.

  • You may add yourself to more than one waiting list. However, adding yourself to more than one waiting list does not impact enrollment increases. If you are already enrolled in a section, your name will not be counted in determining unfulfilled demand for the course.  Additionally, if you are not enrolled in a section, your name will only be counted once when determining demand. Finally, adding your name to several waiting lists may prevent other students from being able to add themselves to one of the waiting lists which results in a false demand for the course, so please be considerate of your fellow students.
  • An override WILL NOT get you in to a closed section or on a closed waiting list.

  • If seats do open up or the Department Chair is able to increase enrollment in a given section, the Registrar will send you an email (to your Bengal email address only) notifying you of the opportunity to add the class. Only student who are on the waiting list will receive notice of available seats or be able to add the class.

  • If you receive a notice email, you will have 24 hours from the time you receive the email to add the course. If you do not do so within this time frame, the Registrar will bump you to the end of the wait list, and the next student on the wait list will be notified. Therefore, it is important that you check your Bengal email every day through the add/drop deadline. Missing even one day can result in missing your chance to add the class.

  • Students will be notified in the order that they are on the waiting list.

  • If you do receive an email from the Registrar notifying you of the opportunity to add the section you are on the waiting list for, and you are already currently enrolled in a different section of the class, you must first drop the section you are currently enrolled in before the system will allow you to enroll in the new section.

  • The Math Department Chair has no control over the waiting list. Please contact the Registrar for any questions about the waiting list that are not addressed in this information.

  • When determining if enrollment can be increased, the Department Chair will look to see how many students are on the waiting lists who are not already enrolled in a section of the class. This is how s/he determines what the actual demand for the course is and uses this number to determine any necessary enrollment increases or the need to add a new section. This is another reason why it is important to add yourself to a waiting list.

  • IF the Department Chair is able to increase enrollment in a section, students who are on the waiting list for the given section will have the first opportunity to add the section.

  • The Department Chair cannot increase enrollment beyond fire code maximum capacity (even if there are vacant chairs in the classroom).

If you do not know how to add yourself to the waiting list, you can view step-by-step instructions here: Instructions