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Faculty Emeritus & In Memoriam

Dr. Donald Cresswell

In memoriam: Taught 1968-2000, Deceased 2019

Dr. Robert Fisher

Professor Emeritus, PhD from University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Research interest: Differential Geometry. Taught 1989-2022

Office: PS 314-D


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Dr. Lawrence Ford

Associate Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. from California Institute of Technology. Research Interest: Harmonic Analysis. Taught: 1984-2009


Dr. Ann Gironella

Professor Emerita, Ph.D. from Kansas State University. Research interests: Agricultural Statistics. Taught: 2003-2015


200x300 - Leonid Hanin - Professor

Dr. Leonid Hanin

Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. from Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russia. Research Interests: Mathematical modeling and solving associated statistical problems in biomedical sciences. Taught: 1997-2023



Curriculum Vitae

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Dr. Linda Hill

Professor Emerita, Ph.D. from University of Rochester. Research interests: Algebra. Taught: 1976-2006


Dr. Richard Hill

In Memorium: Taught 1967-2012, Deceased 2018

Photo not available

Dr. Larry Kratz

Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. from University of Utah. Research interests: Combinatorics. Taught: 1966-2010


Photo not available

Dr. Patrick Lang

Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. from Colorado State University. Research Interest: Operator Theory, Statistics. Taught: 1985-2012


Dr. H. Turner Laquer

Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. from Harvard University. Research interest: Differential Geometry. Taught: 1991 - 2020


Dr. Steve Parker

In Memorium: Taught 1972-2002, Deceased 2019

Dr. Dennis Stowe

Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. from University of California, Berkeley. Research interests: Differential geometry of second-order differential equations in the complex plane. Taught: 1988-2015


Dr. James Wolper

Professor Emeritus, PhD from Brown University. Research Interest: Algebraic geometry and representation theory in coding and cryptography. Taught: 1991-2022