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Faculty Emeritus & In Memoriam

Dr. Donald Cresswell

In memoriam: Taught 1968-2000, Deceased 2019

Dr. Lawrence Ford

Associate Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., California Institute of Technology - Research Interest: Harmonic Analysis, Taught: 1984-2009

Dr. Ann Gironella

Professor Emerita, Ph.D., Kansas State University - Research interests: Agricultural Statistics, Taught: 2003-2015

Dr. Linda Hill

Professor Emerita, Ph.D., University of Rochester - Research interests: Algebra, Taught: 1976-2006

Dr. Richard Hill

In Memorium: Taught 1967-2012, Deceased 2018

Dr. Larry Kratz

Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., University of Utah - Research interests: Combinatorics, Taught: 1966-2010

Dr. Patrick Lang

Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., Colorado State University - Research Interest: Operator Theory, Statistics, Taught: 1985-2012

(208) 282-3819

Dr. H. Turner Laquer

Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., Harvard University - Research interest: Differential Geometry, Taught: 1991 - 2020

Dr. Steve Parker

In Memorium: Taught 1972-2002, Deceased 2019

Dr. Dennis Stowe

Professor Emeritus Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley - Research interests: Differential geometry of second-order differential equations in the complex p, Taught: 1988-2015