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The Department of Biological Sciences at Idaho State University is committed to communicating the relevance of our research to the public, research sponsors and collaborators, and commercial partners. This archive includes the novel research produced by our students as they pursued their graduate education and includes Master Theses and Doctoral Dissertations. Copyright and all rights therein are retained by the authors. All persons copying this information are expected to adhere to the terms and constraints invoked by each author's copyright. In most cases, these works may not be reposted without the explicit permission of the copyright holder.
1999-1990: 114 with 4 Ph.D., 4 D.A., and 106 M.S. Degrees Awarded

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AuthorTitleDegreeYearCall Number
Bohn, Kirsten M. Day roost selection by silver-haired bats (Lasionycteris noctivagans) and the effects of a selective timber harvest on bat populations in Caribou National Forest M.S., Zoology  1999 Y1999 .B63
Davis, Rebecca. Reductive dechlorination of tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethylene, and carbon tetrachloride mixtures by anaerobic bacteria M.S., Biology  1999 Y1999 .D386
Dixon-Hoskins, Karen J. Purification and characterization of Blastomyces dermatitidis yeast and mycelial lysates by isoelectric focusing and gel electrophoresis M.S., Microbiology  1999 Y1999 .D59
Fabian, Henry J. Developing computer based training programs for basic mammalian histology : didactic versus discovery-based design D.A., Biology 1999 YB1999 .F32
Fillmore, Bradley, J. Angiogenic integrin [alpha]v[beta]3 as a site of the tetatogenic action of thalidomide M.S., Biology  1999 Y1999 .F54
Lampe, Jed N. Allelic variation in BYS1 : a unique genetic determinant of Blastomyces dermatitidis M.S., Microbiology  1999 Y1999 .L35
Lynch, Kathleen Sheila. Factors affecting parental behaviors and reproductive success of worm-eating warblers (Helmitheros vermivorus) M.S., Biology  1999 Y1999 .L96
Maroney, Robert Q. Vegetational study of the Blackfoot River Wildlife Management Area M.S., Biology  1999 Y1999 .M366
Prussian, Aaron M. Effects of recreational suction-dredge gold mining on benthic invertebrates and substratum in some Alaskan streams M.S., Biology  1999 Y1999 .P78
Varricchione, Jeffrey Taddeo Vertical and seasonal distribution of hyporheic invertebrate communities in several Idaho and Montana streams M.S., Biology  1999 Y1999 .V37
Buckwalter, Patrick Lee Habitat selection and population distributions of small mammals in central Minnesota M.S., Biology  1998 Y1998 .B84
Hawkins, Heidi Sebring Use of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in identification of Infectious Hemotopoietic Necrosis Virus, specifically the nucleocapsid gene, in a possible alternate invertebrate host M.S., Biology  1998 Y1998 .H39
Hayes, John Russell Characterization of BYSI : a novel protein of the dimorphic fungus Blastomyces dermatitidis M.S., Biology  1998 Y1998 .H393
Johnston, Bradley David Prolactin and adrenal hormone interactions in regulating onset of the winter fur growth cycle in mink (Mustela vison) M.S., Biology  1998 Y1998 .J637
Merriam, Jennifer C. Community wildlife management by Mayangna Indians in the Bosawás Reserve, Nicaragua M.S., Anthropology and Biology  1998 Y1998 .M47
Monaghan, Michael T. Mechanisms determining filter-feeder distributions in lake outlet streams M.S., Biology  1998 Y1998 .M66
Mothershead, Sarah Joan Comparison of antigens and immunoassays for the detection of blastomycosis M.S., Microbiology  1998 Y1998 .M69
Roach, W. John Habitat characteristics, predation risk, and trophic interactions : talus fragmentation reduces the effect of pikas (Ochotona princeps) on the structure of a high alpine meadow M.S., Biology  1998 Y1998 .R622
Sakols, Hugh J. Postfire floristic development in lodgepole pine communities of Yellowstone National Park M.S., Biology  1998 Y1998 .S24
Shoemake, Stephen R. Construction of a survey instrument and analysis program for the evaluation of student attitudes towards live, televised courses at Idaho State University D.A., Biology 1998 YB1998 .S56
Thompson, Mary Elizabeth Evolution of the hind limb and degree of aquatic adaptation in the Pliopotamys-Ondatra lineage M.S., Biology  1998 Y1998 .T46
Altendorf, Kelly Beth Assessing the impact of predation risk by mountain lions (Puma concolor) on foraging behavior of mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) M.S., Biology  1997 Y1997 .A47
Beck, Jonathan M. Distribution, relative abundance, habitat characteristics, and movements of three snake species at the C.J. Strike Reservoir in southwestern Idaho M.S., Biology  1997 Y1997 .B43
Gabler, Kate Ingrid Distribution and habitat requirements of the pygmy rabbit (Brachylagus idahoensis) on the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory M.S., Biology  1997 Y1997 .G32
Higdem, Dane Matthew Biodegradation of p-xylene M.S., Microbiology  1997 Y1997 .H53
Hitchcock-King, Kimberly Designing a gene transfer system for Blastomyces dermatitidis M.S., Microbiology  1997 Y1997 .H57
Kennedy, Michael Dustin Serum concentration of adrenal and gonadal hormones during the summer and winter fur growth cycles of mink (Mustela vison) M.S., Biology  1997 Y1997 .K466
Miller, Micha Benefits of an evergreen canopy : seasonal photosynthetic rates of evergreen leaves of Artemisia tridentata D.A., Biology 1997 YB1997 .M54
Naidu, Radhika Desineni Isolation of an ornithine transcarbamylase gene from a cDNA library of Physarum polycephalum M.S., Microbiology  1997 Y1997 .N34
Patla, Debra A. Changes in a population of spotted frogs in Yellowstone National Park between 1953 and 1995 : the effects of habitat modification M.S., Biology  1997 Y1997 .P37
Patla, Susan M. Nesting ecology and habitat of the northern goshawk in undisturbed and timber harvest areas on the Targhee National Forest, Greater Yellowstone ecosystem M.S., Biology  1997 Y1997 .P374
Black, Catherine S. Effects of copper and cobalt exposure on deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus) and other small mammals inhabiting riparian areas along contaminated streams in the Salmon National Forest of Idaho M.S., Biology  1996 Y1996 .B52
Doering, Robert William Thermal implications of roost site selection in hibernating Plecotus townsendii M.S., Zoology  1996 Y1996 .D74
Evans, Jill. Anaerobic biodegradation of DDT M.S., Biology  1996 Y1996 .E92
Fisher, Mark A. Immunologic evaluation and chemical characterization of isoelectric focusing fractions of Blastomyces dermatitidis yeast phase lysate antigen M.S., Microbiology  1996 Y1996 .F57
Fryer, Benjamin M. Development of a protocol for the detection of Blastomyces dermatitidis antigen M.S., Microbiology  1996 Y1996 .F79
Lawson, R. Daniel. Patterns of woody plant encroachment on a Minnesota sandplain M.S., Biology  1996 Y1996 .L39
Myler, Kari N. Influence of channel confinement and hyporheic storage on nutrient retention in a southeast Idaho stream M.S.. Biology  1996 Y1996 .M94
Thornton, Michele M. Use of geomorphic variables to predict riparian vegetation patterns: a comparison of field and GIS techniques M.S., Biology  1996 Y1996 .T567
Wakamoto, Akiko Comparative studies on the detection of antibodies and delayed hypersensitivity with Blastomyces dermatitidis yeast lysate antigens M.S., Microbiology  1996 Y1996 .W35
Burton, Charlotte S. Blackleg and soft rot response to Erwinia carotovora ssp. atroseptica by Solanum tuberosum cv. Russet Burbank clones transformed with an antibacterial cecropin B gene M.S., Microbiology  1995 Y1995 .B87
Clark, Raymond J. Effects of seasonal body temperature variation on behavioral performance and the blood chemistry of Great Basin rattlesnakes (Crotalus viridis lutosus) M.S., Biology  1995 Y1995 .C53
Davis, Jeffrey C. Functional processes in three wilderness streams M.S., Biology  1995 Y1995 .D38
Gianotto, David F. Nutrient loading and water quality on the Snake River between American Falls and Minidoka Dams M.S., Biology  1995 Y1995 .G52
Hibbert, Monte C. Development of a simplified solid-phase enzyme immunoassay for antibody detection in dogs with blastomycosis M.S., Microbiology  1995 Y1995 .H53
Meyer, Kevin A. Experimental evaluation of habitat use and survival of rainbow trout during their first winter in the Henry's Fork of the Snake River, Idaho M.S., Biology  1995 Y1995 .M49
Mihuc, Janet R. Decomposition of terrestrial leaf litter in soil microcosms: an investigation for use in the classroom D.A., Biology 1995 YB1995 .M54
Porth, Adam T. Movements of black-tailed jackrabbits (Lepus californicus) and effects of high population densities on the nitrogen budget of sagebrush-steppe M.S., Zoology  1995 Y1995 .P67
Royer, Todd V. Decomposition of plant material in the middle reach of the Snake River, Idaho M.S., Biology  1995 Y1995 .R694
Smith, Devyn M. Analysis of the effects of the mesonephros and Hensen's node upon limb development M.S., Biology  1995 Y1995 .S647
Wood, Jill G. Use of expression cloning techniques to identify the BYS1 protein in Blastomyces dermatitidis M.S., Microbiology  1995 Y1995 .W63
Bosworth, William Robert Characteristics of winter activity in Plecotus townsendii in southeastern Idaho M.S., Zoology  1994 Y1994 .B67
Goodman, Pamela J. Maternal effects in two desert annuals : indirect environmental effects on germination behavior M.S., Biology  1994 Y1994 .G66
Livingston, Mark W. Influences on the axial polarity of the developing chick wing M.S., Biology  1994 Y1994 .L58
North, Barbara R. Chick provisioning and fledging success of three sympatric species of terns in the Gulf of Maine M.S., Zoology  1994 Y1994 .N67
Orr, Michael Comparison and optimization of yeast and mycelial phase lysate antigens in the detection of canine blastomycosis M.S., Microbiology  1994 Y1994 .O77
Shoemake, Stephen R. Body temperature variation and patterns of weight gain in rock squirrels (Spermophilus variegatus) prior to and during hibernation in southeast Idaho M.S., Biology  1994 Y1994 .S533
Stark, Michael R. Study in comparative avian embryology M.S., Biology  1994 Y1994 .S72
Veverka, Christina Sonja Ecological restoration of degraded rangelands M.S., Biology  1994 Y1994 .V49
Woutat, Philip Biogeography of avian community composition in the Hebrides, Orkney, and Shetland M.S., Ecology  1994 Y1994 .W68
Anderson, Frances Louise Stites Development of a rapid non-culture method for identifying microorganisms capable of degrading aromatic compounds M.S., Microbiology  1993 Y1993 .A52
Barnes, Joni Marie. Selenate reduction by Pseudomonas stutzeri JB1 M.S., Microbiology  1993 Y1993 .B3
Barrett, Karen B. Evaluating the efficacy of biocides for controlling the activity of sulfate-reducing bacteria in petroleum reservoirs M.S., Microbiology  1993 Y1993 .B37
Burg, Edward F. Cloning and characterization of BYPS1 : a temperature dependent cDNA specific to the yeast phase of the pathogenic, dimorphic fungus Blastomyces dermatitidis M.S., Microbiology  1993 Y1993 .B86
Ellis, Marshall Factors affecting establishment and performance by lodgepole pine following the 1988 fires in Yellowstone National Park M.S., Biology  1993 Y1993 .E47
Sills, Cynthia Effects of supplemental feeding on hatching synchrony of burrowing owls M.S., Biology  1993 Y1993 .S55
Sirotnak, Nancy L. Training effects on functional neuroplasticity and behavior following a focal cortical lesion to adult rat barrel cortex M.S., Biology  1993 Y1993 .S57
Smothers, James F. Phylogenetic analysis of five species of myxozoans using 18S rRNA gene sequences M.S., Biology  1993 Y1993 .S61
Zaccardi, L. Bryan. Comparative immunoassay studies of yeast and mycelial phase lysate antigens from histoplasma capsulatum using alkaline phosphatase and peroxidase ELISA systems M.S., Microbiology  1993 Y1993 .Z22
Abuodeh, Raed O. Induction and ELISA detection of antibodies to Blastomyces dermatitidis canine M.S., Microbiology  1992 Y1992 .A33
Bono, James L. Purification and characterization of Blastomyces dermatitidis yeast phase lysate antigens M.S., Microbiology  1992 Y1992 .B66
Brody, Allison J. Sociality of pinyon jays with and without pinyon pine M.S., Biology  1992 Y1992 .B76
Dey, Paul D. Food quality of ultrafine seston : growth of a stream filter feeder Simulium vittatum M.S., Biology  1992 Y1992 .D49
Grothe, Scott Red-tailed hawk predation on snakes: the effects of weather and snake activity M.S., Biology  1992 Y1992 .G86
Harmon, Frank G. Cloning and expression of the soluble methane monooxygenase gene cluster from Methylosinus trichosporium OB3b in Eschericha coli NM554 M.S., Microbiology  1992 Y1992 .H37
Huber, Scott H. Characterization of prolactin receptors in hepatic tissue of the domestic chicken M.S., Biology  1992 Y1992 .H82
Mladenka, Greg C. Ecological life history of the Bruneau Hot Springs snail (Pyrgulopsis bruneauensis) M.S., Biology  1992 Y1992 .M52
Moller, Jill M. Construction of a cDNA library from Physarum polycephalum microplasmodia M.S., Microbiology  1992 Y1992 .M64
Smith, Ronald W. Effects of concealment cover availability and water temperature on overwinter survival and body condition of juvenile rainbow trout in the Henry's Fork of the Snake River, Idaho M.S., Biology  1992 Y1992 .S64
Villalobos, C. Brian Small mammal distributions in riparian and adjacent habitats of Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming M.S., Biology  1992 Y1992 .V54
Bauer, Nancy Lee Medicinal, edible, poisonous, and injurious flora of Deep Creek Peak, Power County, Idaho M.S., Biology  1991 Y1991 .B38
Carlson, Glenn Feasibility of individual identification and sex determination of whooping cranes (Grus americana) by analysis of vocalizations M.S., Ecology  1991 Y1991 .C37
Gallagher, Donna Natalija Comparative studies on Histoplasma capsulatum antigens: detection of antibodies and delayed hypersensitivity M.S.. Microbiology  1991 Y1991 .G35
Glapinski, Robert Charles Effects of ovariectomy and exogenous 17-beta estradiol on uterine prolactin receptor concentration in mink (Mustela vison) M.S., Biology  1991 Y1991 .G53
Glennon, James M. Flora of the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, Idaho M.S., Biology  1991 Y1991 .G54
Hematillake, M. Ganga Neural tissue transplants and methylprednisolone to promote recovery form [sic] spinal cord injury in rats M.S., Biology  1991 Y1991 .H452
Hillman, Tracy W. Effect of temperature on the spatial interaction of juvenile chinook salmon and the redside shiner and their morphological differences Ph. D., Biology  1991 YB1991 .H54
Lawrence, Deron E. Postfire woody debris dynamics in headwater streams of Yellowstone National Park M.S., Biology  1991 Y1991 .L38
McIntyre, Michael J. Effects of fire on retention of coarse particulate organic matter in streams M.S., Biology  1991 Y1991 .M34
Mihuc, Janet R. Experimental study of the impact of shorebird predation on benthic invertebrates in American Falls Reservoir, Idaho M.S., Biology  1991 Y1991 .M56
Silkey, Tim B. Serologic diagnosis of Coccidioidomycosis: comparative enzyme immunoassay using two solid-phase techniques and two antigens from the parasitic cycle of Coccidioides immitis M.S., Microbiology  1991 Y1991 .S54
Snyder, Jeffrey W. Wintering and foraging ecology of the Trumpeter Swan, Harriman State Park of Idaho M.S., Biology  1991 Y1991 .S69
Stone, Eric R. Socioecology of North American black-billed magpies (Pica pica hudsonia) Ph. D., Biology  1991 YB1991 .S76
Yearsley, Kaye Characterization and comparison of yeast and mycelial phase lysate antigens of Blastomyces dermatitidis canine isolate, T-58 M.S., Microbiology  1991 Y1991 .Y43
Angradi, Theodore Robert Foraging ecology of wild rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in the Henry's Fork of the Snake River, Idaho Ph. D., Biology  1990 YB1990 .A54
Boone, John Dayton Ecological characteristics and preferential edge use of small mammal populations inhabiting a radioactive waste disposal area M.S., Zoology  1990 Y1990 .B66
Eastman, Sandra L. Biosorption of copper by immobilized algin biosorbents M.S., Microbiology  1990 Y1990 .E37
Engelgau, Debra E. Development of a procedure for enumerating bacteria attached to solid particles M.S., Microbiology  1990 Y1990 .E54
Koch, Edward D. Effects of temperature and angling on brown and rainbow trout populations in the Firehole River, Yellowstone National Park M.S., Biology  1990 Y1990 .K63
Lee, Brady D. Characterization of an acidophilic facultatively, iron-oxidizing bacterial culture M.S., Microbiology  1990 Y1990 .L44
McDonald, Michael J. Activity patterns of mule deer in response to hunting in southeastern Idaho M.S., Biology  1990 Y1990 .M34
Olenick, Bruce E. Breeding biology of burrowing owls using artificial nest burrows in southeastern Idaho M.S., Biology  1990 Y1990 .O45
Parker, Blaine Lin Effects of a decade of catch-and-release regulations on a rainbow trout population in Silver Creek, Idaho M.S., Biology  1990 Y1990 .P37
Pew, Steven J. Arthropod succession in pig carcasses in southeastern Idaho M.S., Zoology  1990 Y1990 .P49
Ratzlaff, Teresa D. Postfire vegetation development in seeded and unseeded areas of sagebrush/steppe near Pocatello, Idaho M.S., Biology  1990 Y1990 .R38
Reed, Lisa M. Genetic and morphological variation and the evolution of social signals in the black-billed magpie (Pica-pica hudsonia) Ph. D., Biology  1990 YB1990 .R44
Riehle, Michael D. Changes in habitat utilization and feeding chronology of juvenile rainbow trout at the onset of winter in Silver Creek, Idaho M.S., Biology  1990 Y1990 .R57
Rittenhouse, Bruce Howard Distribution and life history of Challis milkvetch (Astragalus amblytropis Barneby) : an endemic of east-central Idaho M.S., Biology  1990 Y1990 .R58
Sirotnak, Joseph M. Intraspecific and interspecific competition in Leymus cinereus and Chrysothamnus nauseosus in a cold-desert environment M.S., Biology  1990 Y1990 .S57
Spaulding, J. Scott. Habitat use, growth, and movement of chinook salmon and steelhead in response to introduced coho salmon in the Wenatchee River, Washington M.S., Biology  1990 Y1990 .S63
Sterner, Mauritz C. Studies of five new species of myxozoan parasites of the mottled sculpin from southeastern Idaho M.S., Biology  1990 Y1990 .S83
Van Every, Lynn R. Anacanthorus (Dactylogyridae) of Piranha (Characidae, Serrasalminae) from the central Amazon, their phylogeny, and aspects of host-parasite coevolution M.S., Zoology  1990 Y1990 .V35
Wackenhut, Martha C. Bat species overwintering in lava-tube caves in Lincoln, Gooding, Blaine, Bingham, and Butte Counties, Idaho : with special reference to annual return of banded Plecotus townsendii M.S., Biology  1990 Y1990 .W32
Williams, Shelley J. Characterization and comparison of mycelial and yeast phase lysate antigens of Histoplasma capsulatum M.S., Microbiology  1990 Y1990 .W54