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ISU Panorama. Photo by Chuck Peterson.

The Department of Biological Sciences at Idaho State University is committed to communicating the relevance of our research to the public, research sponsors and collaborators, and commercial partners. This archive includes the novel research produced by our students as they pursued their graduate education and includes Master Theses and Doctoral Dissertations. Copyright and all rights therein are retained by the authors. All persons copying this information are expected to adhere to the terms and constraints invoked by each author's copyright. In most cases, these works may not be reposted without the explicit permission of the copyright holder.
1979-1970: 121 with 7 Ph.D. and 114 M.S.

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AuthorTitleDegreeYearCall Number
Abdul-Wahid, Sarah. Use of Lyt antigens in the study of T cell heterogeneity : characterization of Lyt subsets in the athymic nude mouse M.S., Microbiology  1979 Y1979 .A23
Allard, W. Jeffrey. Suppression of a syngeneic tumor after passive transfer of macrophages and lymphokines from athymic nude mice M.S., Microbiology  1979 Y1979 .A443
Allred, E. Morrell Denning behavior of the red fox (Vulpes fulva) in eastern Idaho and western Wyoming M.S., Biology  1979 Y1979 .A447
Barnard, Dale L. Characterization of the interaction between Salmonella typhimurium MR¹⁰ and HeLa cells M.S., Microbiology  1979 Y1979 .B375
Campbell, Bruce A. Production, genetic control and some characteristics of an inhibitor produced by an extremely thermophilic bacterium resembling Thermus aquaticus M.S., Microbiology  1979 Y1979 .C34
Fisher, Jerry S. Reproduction in the pygmy rabbit in southeastern Idaho M.S., Zoology  1979 Y1979 .F58
Hardy, Joel A. Induction of prophage lambda by nonoperator DNA M.S., Microbiology  1979 Y1979 .H37
Hauptman, Tedd N. Spatial and temporal distribution and feeding ecology of the pine marten M.S., Zoology  1979 Y1979 .H39
Howard, James David Utilization of mental imagery in the acquisition, perfection, and expression of motor skills M.S., Biology  1979 Y1979 .H69
Laundré, John W. Behavioural study of home range utilization by coyotes on the INEL site in southeastern Idaho Ph. D., Zoology  1979 YB1979 .L29
Lyons, Ted J. Hip gland occurrence and function in Microtus montanus M.S., Biology  1979 Y1979 .L96
Van Calligan, Mark Immunoenhancement in syngeneic murine tumor systems M.S., Microbiology  1979 Y1979 .V35
Wallace, Paul K. Effect of immunological reconstitution of athymic nude mice on the growth and metastasis of a syngeneic tumor M.S., Microbiology  1979 Y1979 .W34
Westmark, David R. Cyclic AMP analysis in Thermus sp. T2 M.S., Microbiology  1979 Y1979 .W37
Bigham, Wendel R. Phleomycin induced cell death in Escherichia coli : involvement of excision-repair processes M.S., Microbiology  1978 Y1978 .B44
Boyden, Bradley H. Substrate selection by Paruroctonus boreus (Girard) (Scorpionida: Vejovidae) / M.S., Zoology  1978 Y1978 .B79
Guyer, Craig Comparative ecology of the short-horned lizard (Phyrnosoma douglassi) and the sagebrush lizard (Sceloporus graciosus) M.S., Biology  1978 Y1978 .G89
McIver, James D. Investigation of the precipitin test as a tool for analyzing gut contents of Pardosa sternalis (Thorell) (Araneida:Lycosidae) M.S., Zoology  1978 Y1978 .M35
Pead, Gene Effects of indomethacin (a prostaglandin synthetase inhibitor) on ovarian morphology in Peromyscus maniculatus M.S., Biology  1978 Y1978 .P29
Reynolds, Timothy D. Response of native vertebrate populations to different land management practices on the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory site Ph. D., Zoology  1978 YB1978 .R39
Schmidt, Steven Paul Relationship between plasma cortisol levels and coronary artery degeneration in precocial male and nonprecocial male juvenile steelhead trout, Salmo gairdneri Ph. D., Biology  1978 YB1978 .S36
Wannemuehler, Michael J. Antitumor effects modulated by various strains of Salmonella M.S., Microbiology  1978 Y1978 .W36
Whaley, Kevin John Effects of variations in testosterone cypionate dose on triacyglycerol and cholesterol serum levels and coronary arteriosclerotic lesion production in juvenile steelhead trout, Salmo gairdneri M.S., Zoology  1978 Y1978 .W42
Wilde, Douglas Brian Population analysis of the pygmy rabbit (Sylvilagus idahoensis) on the INEL site Ph. D., Zoology  1978 YB1978 .W34
Craig, Timothy H. Raptors of the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory M.S., Zoology  1977 Y1977 .C72
DeLamatre, John G. Possible synergistic or potentiating effect of testosterone-estradiol combinations in the induction of the arteriosclerotic process of the steelhead trout, Salmo gairdneri M.S., Zoology  1977 Y1977 .D42
Hansen, Erica M. Telemetry study of the porcupine (Erethizon dorsatum) in a cool desert environment M.S., Zoology  1977 Y1977 .H24
Johnson, William Curtis Examination of censusing techniques for small mammals in a high desert ecosystem M.S., Zoology  1977 Y1977 .J64
Mahoney, Michael P. Mating behaviour of brown-headed cowbirds M.S., Zoology  1977 Y1977 .M24
Meeuwsen, Kenneth W. Plasma luteinizing hormone levels in female Peromyscus maniculatus: effects of indomethacin and prostaglandin M.S., Biology  1977 Y1977 .M44
Moore, Virgil Some sublethal effects of fluoride exposure on the juvenile steelhead trout, Salmo gairdneri M.S., Zoology  1977 Y1977 .M66
Nimz, Curtis F. Computer model of the growth of larval dragonflies M.S., Zoology   1977 Y1977 .N34
Overton, C. Kerry Description, distribution, and density of Big Lost River salmonid populations M.S., Zoology  1977 Y1977 .O84
Rich, Terrell D. G. Territorial behavior of the sage sparrow (Amphispiza belli: Fringillidae) M.S., Biology  1977 Y1977 .R32
Sehman, Ronald W. Hibernaculum dynamics of the Great Basin rattlesnake (Crotalus viridis lutosus) M.S., Biology  1977 Y1977 .S35
Wannemuehler, Yvonne Jensen Induction of alpha-amylase in Endomycopsis fibuligera M.S., Microbiology  1977 Y1977 .W25
Woodruff, Roger A. Annual dispersal, daily activity pattern and home range of Canis latrans on the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory Site M.S., Zoology  1977 Y1977 .W66
Bernt, William C. Observations on a pronghorn antelope winter range M.S., Biology  1976 Y1976 .B47
Bottum, Charles Edward Pollination ecology in Penstemon procerus, the small-flowered penstemon M.S., Biology  1976 Y1976 .B67
Chehey, Robert L. Studies on the chemistry of blue-green bacterial cell walls M.S., Microbiology  1976 Y1976 .C43
Crowley, Christopher Kim Studies on interferon action : interferon induction of the antiviral state in enucleated L-cells M.S., Microbiology  1976 Y1976 .C77
Dornauer, Robert J. Possible hormonal factors in the arteriosclerotic process in rainbow trout, Salmo gairdneri M.S., Zoology  1976 Y1976 .D67
Dunn, Joseph T. Phleomycin induced DNA damage in Escherichia coli deficient in DNA Polymerase I M.S., Microbiology  1976 Y1976 .D85
Dunn, Ronald Whittaker Seasonal variations in periphyton, chlorophyll a, algal biomass, and primary production in a desert stream. M.S., Biology  1976 Y1976 .D851
Dunn, Vivie Elisabeth Cluster and principal component analyses applied to a study of intraspecific morphological variation in a population of Caeculus cremnicolus Enns (Acari, Caeculidae). M.S., Zoology  1976 Y1976 .D852
Eells, Janis Thane Effects of bleomycin on Ehrilich ascites carcinoma in suspension culture M.S., Microbiology  1976 Y1976 .E44
Fout, Garland Shay Studies on the mode of action of interferon: the effect of interferon on poly U translation in a L 929 cell-free translational system. M.S., Microbiology  1976 Y1976 .F68
Kent, James C. Accumulation and distribution of organochlorines and some heavy metals in American Falls Reservoir fishes, water, and sediment M.S., Zoology  1976 Y1976 .K47
Lines, Kent K. Production of single cell protein from potato processing waste M.S., Microbiology  1976 Y1976 .L55
Mitchell, Mark A. Postnatal development of the rabbit testicular capsule: development of testicular capsular motility in relation to stimulatory compounds M.S., Zoology  1976 Y1976 .M58
Moncla, Bernard J. Evaluation of a new assay technique for the enzyme Phospholipase C. M.S., Microbiology  1976 Y1976 .M65
Newell, Robert L. Effect of temperature on growth and development of the mayfly Tricorythodes minutus Traver Ph. D., Zoology  1976 YB1976 .N48
Shaw, David W. Colonization of an artificial substratum by benthic macroinvertebrates M.S., Zoology  1976 Y1976 .S39
Shaw, Nancy L. Investigation of factors affecting the germination of Oryzopsis hymenoides (Roem. and Schult.) Ricker, accession P-2575 M.S., Biology  1976 Y1976 .S42
Smolen, Michael J. Survival, growth, and reproduction of progeny of females from high and low density populations of Microtus montanus. M.S., Zoology  1976 Y1976 .S56
Swan, Howard S. Enzymes of the Entner-Duodoroff pathway of carbohydrate metabolism in Thermus sp. T-2, by Howard S. Swan II. M.S., Microbiology  1976 Y1976 .S82
Van Lenten, Brian J. Effects of several drugs on the development of coronary arteriosclerosis in the juvenile steelhead trout, Salmo gairdneri. M.S., Zoology  1976 Y1976 .V24
Adamson, Gary R. Structure and production of a disturbed and native plant community in the Great Basin. M.S., Biology  1975 Y1975 .A43
Bradfield, Terry D. On the behavior and ecology of the pigmy rabbit Sylvilagus idahoensis. M.S., Zoology  1975 Y1975 .B73
Edwards, Loren Lee Home range of the coyote in southern Idaho. M.S., Zoology  1975 Y1975 .E38
Lucey, Edgar C. Cardiovascular and respiratory responses to temperature, diving, carotid occlusion and hemorrhage in the turtle Pseudemys scripta elegans Ph. D., Zoology  1975 YB1975 .L83
McCullough, Dale Alan Bioenergetics of three aquatic insects determined by radioisotopic analyses M.S., Zoology  1975 Y1975 .M33
Postman, Valerie Jill Improved technique for the in vitro determination of water movement through the isolated intestine of steelhead trout, Salmo gairdneri M.S., Zoology  1975 Y1975 .P68
Rucker, Roger Lee Home range of the coyote (Canis latrans) and its method of calculation. M.S., Zoology  1975 Y1975 .R83
Settle, Stephen Jack Effects of Estradiol cypionate and human Chorionic gonadotropin on the development of intimal-medial arteriosclerotic lesions in the immature steelhead trout, Salmo gairdneri M.S., Zoology  1975 Y1975 .S47
Shorey, Douglas W. Agonistic behavior in the tiger M.S., Zoology  1975 Y1975 .S56
Smith, Tom Calven Development of temperature regulation in the NIH BALB/C mouse, Mus musculus, and the Montane vole, Microtus montanus Ph. D., Biology  1975 YB1975 .S65
Ahmed, Rafi Lactose system in Thermus sp. T2. M.S., Microbiology  1974 Y1974 .A56
Blakeslee, Jodean Kay Mother-young relationships and related behavior among free-ranging appaloosa horses M.S., Zoology  1974 Y1974 .B53
Davis, Deborah Roosting behavior of the turkey vulture (Cathartes aura) M.S., Zoology  1974 Y1974 .D38
Greer, Neil Stephen Germination and ethylene production in Lactuca sativa var Grand Rapids M.S., Biology  1974 Y1974 .G74
Johnson, Stephen Charles Strain specific inhibitory substance produced by an extremely thermophilic bacterium M.S., Microbiology  1974 Y1974 .J66
McKenzie, Jack Edward Coronary atherosclerosis in nonanadromous rainbow trout, Salmo gairdneri M.S., Zoology  1974 Y1974 .M32
Miller, George J. On the jaw mechanism of Smilodon californicus bovard and some other carnivores M.S., Zoology  1974 Y1974 .M56
Olson, Roger A. Bird populations in relation to changes in land use in Curlew Valley, Idaho and Utah M.S., Zoology  1974 Y1974 .O48
Priest, Susan C. Studies on pyoverdine: a water soluble, yellow-green fluorescent pigment of Psuedomonas aeruginosa. M.S., Microbiology  1974 Y1974 .P75
Stebbins, Mary Ciaranello Social organization in free-ranging appaloosa horses M.S., Zoology  1974 Y1974 .S74
True, Thomas Jesse Behavior and ecology of the pika (Ochotona princeps lemhi) M.S., Zoology  1974 Y1974 .T78
Varitek, Vincent A., Jr. Immunological paralysis to a bacterial polysaccharide: high zone tolerance induced with VI antigen M.S., Microbiology  1974 Y1974 .V37
Gross, Mitchell S. Comparative immunochemistry of a thermolabile and a thermostable species of [beta]-galactosidase M.S., Microbiology  1973 Y1973 .G76
Jarmon, Thomas Leon Mercury accumulation in yellow perch (Perca flavescens) correlated with age and growth M.S., Zoology  1973 Y1973 .J37
Lake, Jeffrey P. Identification of the target cell in friend disease virus-induced immunosuppression M.S., Microbiology  1973 Y1973 .L35
Leadem, Timothy Paul Osmoregulatory responses to DDT and varying salinities in Salmo gairdneri M.S., Zoology  1973 Y1973 .L43
Leung, Simon H. Induction of arginase in Physarum polycephalum M.S., Microbiology  1973 Y1973 .L49
Parker, Donald Wilbern Effect of excess methionine on the free amino acid content in the heart, liver and blood of the chinchilla M.S., Zoology  1973 Y1973 .P36
Pitcher, Edward J. Aspects of interspecific interaction between Reithrodontomys megalotis and Microtus montanus in one acre enclosures M.S., Zoology  1973 Y1973 .P57
Pool, William R. ACTH regulation of bovine adrenal steroidogenesis: role of protein kinase(s) M.S.,  Microbiology 1973 Y1973 .P66
Ross, Brian K. Postnatal changes in the cat heart M.S., Zoology  1973 Y1973 .R67
Tourtlotte, Gregory Ira Preliminary investigation of the biology and ecology of the northern scorpion, Vaejovis boreus (Girard) M.S., Zoology 1973 Y1973 .T68
Andrews, Douglas A. Ecological study of the lost streams of Idaho with emphasis on the Little Lost River M.S., Zoology 1972 Y1972 .A52
Burt, Mark E. UDP-N-actylglucosamine-4-epimerase from Citrobacter freundii 5396/38 M.S., Microbiology  1972 Y1972 .B88
McAtee, Frank J. Regulation of the synthesis of ornithine transcarbamylase in Physarum polycephalum M.S., Microbiology  1972 Y1972 .M335
Orr, Richard David Pelage and ectoparasites of the Bannock pocket gopher, Thomomys townsendii similis Davis M.S., Zoology  1972 Y1972 .O77
Runyan, Kenneth W. Mercury uptake in rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri) in American Falls Reservoir M.S., Zoology  1972 Y1972 .R86
Shelton, Thomas A. Comparative study of the evaporative water loss of varying ambient temperatures of two species of juvenile gallinaceous birds. M.S., Zoology  1972 Y1972 .S54
Speigel, Kathleen Muriel Sublethal effects of fluoride on fish M.S., Biology  1972 Y1972 .S67
Stephens, Cheryl. Study of the effects of phenylmercuric acetate on the respiratory pattern of rainbow trout M.S., Zoology  1972 Y1972 .S73
Terch, James C. Bionomics of the caddis fly (Trichoptera) fauna of Rainey Creek, Bonneville Co., Idaho, with special reference to the life histories of five selected species M.S., Zoology  1972 Y1972 .T47
Tso, PoLiang Enzymatic O-transacetylation of VI antigen M.S., Microbiology  1972 Y1972 .T76
Utter, Gary B. Microbial activity in a desert soil M.S., Microbiology  1972 Y1972 .U88
Boughal, Andrew M. Effects of urethane anesthesia on transient circulatory control in adult cats M.S., Biology  1971 Y1971 .B68
Brass, Dennis W. Bioenergetics of selected stream-dwelling invertebrates M.S., Biology  1971 Y1971 .B73
Engelking, Larry Rex Effect of excess methionine on the brain and liver metabolism of the chinchilla M.S., Zoology  1971 Y1971 .E53
Feldhamer, George Alan Sex ratios, age distribution and reproduction in a black-tailed jack rabbit population in east-central Idaho M.S., Zoology  1971 Y1971 .F45
Hammond, Ronald E. Comparison of transient circulatory control in unanesthetized adult cats and in cats anesthetized with alpha-chloralose M.S., Biology  1971 Y1971 H36
Koslucher, Dale G. Investigation of the food web of the invertebrate fauna of Deep Creek, Curlew Valley, Idaho-Utah M.S., Zoology  1971 Y1971 .K67
Lucey, Edgar C. Physiological thermoregulation in a semi-aquatic turtle M.S., Zoology  1971 Y1971 .L83
Miller, Shawn M. On the biology of Hydropsyche occidentalis Banks (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae). M.S., Zoology  1971 Y1971 .M55
O'Brien, William John, Jr. In vitro biosynthesis of VI antigen by enzymes from Citrobacter freundii M.S., Microbiology  1971 Y1971 .O27
Pace, Ronald K. Study of the intra- and interspecific relationships of two species of gulls at their nesting colonies M.S., Zoology  1971 Y1971 .P25
Panik, Howard Ronald Synecological study of a mountain mahogany community M.S., Zoology  1971 Y1971 .P27
Rabeni, Charles F. Experimental investigation of factors affecting the microdistribution of benthic insects in a riffle of Mink Creek, Caribou National Forest, Idaho M.S., Zoology  1971 Y1971 .R33
Shryock, Arnold Lee Some effects of terrestrial biota upon development and stability of aquatic ecosystems M.S., Biology  1971 Y1971 .S56
Splendoria, Frank Roost ecology of the black-billed magpie, Pica pica hudsonia M.S., Zoology  1971 Y1971 .S65
Stone, Karen Ann On factors affecting the success of the eastern fox squirrel (Sciurus niger) as an exotic species in western United States M.S., Zoology  1971 Y1971 .S76
Lemmons, John Stanley Some studies of a lower myxobacterium before and after lyophilization M.S., Microbiology  1970 Y1970 .L45
McMasters, Michael J. Food habits of trout (salmonidae) and sculpins (cottidae) in two mountain streams M.S., Zoology  1970 Y1970 .M23
Parker, Thomas L. On the ecology of the sharp-tailed grouse in southeastern Idaho M.S., Zoology  1970 Y1970 .P37
Phillips, Jacqueline Anne Mary Effects of excess methionine on the protein metabolism of the chinchilla M.S., Zoology  1970 Y1970 .P35
Shum, Archie Chue Requirement of selenium for formic dehydrogenase activity by Escherichia coli M.S., Microbiology  1970 Y1970 .S5
Stocks, Melburn W. Comparison of transient circulatory control in anesthetized and unanesthetized adult cats M.S., Zoology  1970 Y1970 .S75