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ISU Panorama. Photo by Chuck Peterson.

The Department of Biological Sciences at Idaho State University is committed to communicating the relevance of our research to the public, research sponsors and collaborators, and commercial partners. This archive includes the novel research produced by our students as they pursued their graduate education and includes Master Theses and Doctoral Dissertations. Copyright and all rights therein are retained by the authors. All persons copying this information are expected to adhere to the terms and constraints invoked by each author's copyright. In most cases, these works may not be reposted without the explicit permission of the copyright holder.
1989-1980: 125 with 17 Ph.D. and 108 M.S.

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AuthorTitleDegreeYearCall Number
Contor, Craig R. Diurnal and nocturnal winter habitat utilization by juvenile rainbow trout in the Henry's Fork of the Snake River, Idaho M.S., Biology  1989 Y1989 .C65
Danamraj, Regan J. W. Morphological studies on the effects of basement membrane components on newborn rat neuronal growth and differentiation M.S., Biology  1989 Y1989 .D34
Gianotto, Anita K. Near surface analysis of interactions between a thin iron oxide film and biological polymers M.S., Microbiology  1989 Y1989 .G53
Gross, Teri. Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus mRNA isolation and cDNA synthesis M.S., Microbiology  1989 Y1989 .G75
Hart, Scott D. American white pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos) populations, kleptoparasitism, and other foraging behaviors at American Falls Reservoir, southeast Idaho M.S., Zoology  1989 Y1989 .H37
Moholt, R. Kendrick Dominance, predator interactions, and social gatherings of the black-billed magpie M.S., Biology  1989 Y1989 .M64
Rigg, James Wesley Invertebrate host and/or reservoir for Infectious Haematopoietic Necrosis (IHN) M.S., Microbiology  1989 Y1989 .R53
Semple, Brett A. Development of an enzyme immunoassay: a rapid screening method to detect antibody to Histoplasma capsulatum M.S., Microbiology  1989 Y1989 .S47
Wisniewski, Shelly R. Enzyme immunoassays for the detection of antibodies in histoplasmosis : comparison of alkaline phosphatase and biotin/alkaline phosphatase-streptavidin systems M.S., Microbiology  1989 Y1989 .W58
Xia, Jing Synthesis of some oxazinoisoindoles and an attempted pyrrolooxazole preparation M.S., Chemistry/Biology  1989 Y1989 .X52
Boeger, Walter A. Studies on the phylogeny, coevolution, and taxonomy of the class Monogenoidea bychowsky Ph. D., Zoology  1988 YB1988 .B64
Chew, Keng-Tee Studies on arginine biosynthesis in the acellular slime mold Physarum polycephalum : acetylornithine to ornithin M.S., Microbiology  1988 Y1988 .C44
Corsi, Charles Life history and status of the Yellowstone cutthroat trout (Salmo clarkl bouvieri) in the Willow Creek Drainage, Idaho M.S., Zoology  1988 Y1988 .C67
Johnson, Suzanne M. Preparation and characterization of Blastomyces dermatitidis yeast phase antigens M.S., Microbiology  1988 Y1988 .J64
Shors, Scott T. Two aspects of the epidemiology of Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus: passive immunity and a secondary invertebrate host M.S., Microbiology  1988 Y1988 .S56
Singer, Leslee D. Thermoregulation in nestling owls : its development and implications M.S., Biology  1988 Y1988 .S55
Towler, Douglas E. Enzyme immunoassays for the detection of histoplasmosis M.S., Microbiology  1988 Y1988 .T69
Vinson, Mark Russell Ecological and sedimentological evaluation of a relocated cold desert stream M.S., Biology  1988 Y1988 .V55
Wang, Yang Comparative studies on Candida albicans cell lysate antigens for detection of antibodies in candidiasis M.S., Microbiology  1988 Y1988 .Y35
Char, Bharat Raghunath Isolation and characterization of temperature sensitive mutants of Sphaerotilus natans phage SN1 M.S., Microbiology  1987 Y1987 .C45
Cole, Nancy K. Growth and water relations of Leymus cinereus following a prescribed burn M.S., Biology  1987 Y1987 .C64
Sato, Hiroyuki Use of nitrocellulose membranes in simplified enzyme immunoassays M.S., Microbiology  1987 Y1987 .S18
Schabacker, Michael Henry Effect of indomethacin on the development of reproductive organs in pubertal male mice sex structure development M.S., Biology  1987 Y1987 .S30
Winn, Robert James Effect of indomethacin on compensatory testicular hypertrophy M.S., Biology  1987 Y1987 .W55
Boeger, Walter A. Dactylogyridae (Monogenea) from Serrasalmus nattereri Kner (Cypriniformes, Serrasalmidae) and aspects of their morphologic variation and distribution in the Brazilian Amazon M.S., Zoology  1986 Y1986 .B63
Bonakdarhashemi, Farhad Development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus using Percoll gradient purified antigen M.S., Microbiology  1986 Y1986 .B66
Cutler, Cheryl L. Determination of effect of ACTH on protein synthesis and phosphorylation in Y1 mouse adrenal tumor cells utilizing SDS-Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis M.S., Microbiology  1986 Y1986 .C87
Hillman, Tracy W. Summer and winter habitat selection by juvenile chinook salmon in a highly sedimented Idaho stream M.S., Biology  1986 Y1986 .H44
Lawson, Peter Wayne Interactions of foraging mayflies and periphyton in streams: computer simulations Ph. D., Biology  1986 YB1986 .L38
Oswald, Mark L. Use of serodiagnostic techniques for the detection of bacteriophage dairy products M.S., Microbiology  1986 Y1986 .O88
Pithawalla, Rohinton Behram Development of an electron microscope partial lysis technique for study of bacteriophage SN1 replication . M.S., Microbiology  1986 Y1986 .P57
Richards, Carl Distribution and foraging behavior of a grazing stream mayfly (Baetis bicaudatus) Ph. D., Biology  1986 YB1986 .R52
Richter, Don A. Purification of infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus for the production of neutralizing antiserum M.S., Microbiology  1986 Y1986 .R52
Robinson, Christopher Thomas Physical disturbance as a mechanism structuring stream benthic communities M.S., Biology  1986 Y1986 .R62
Tiersch, Terrence Robert Use of emetics, intestinal distention, and brain electropharmacology to study the vomiting mechanism in rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri) M.S., Biology  1986 Y1986 .T53
Wheeler, Jenette Y. Enzyme immunoassay detection of antibodies in human blastomycosis M.S., Microbiology  1986 Y1986 .W43
Winterscheid, Ann Findley Release of prostaglandin-E from hypothalamic fragments In vitro M.S., Biology  1986 Y1986 .W56
Yap, Clementine Y. F. Evaluation of the presence of a Wolffian ridge in Stage 16 chicken embryos M.S., Biology  1986 Y1986 .Y36
Ault, Steven John. Electroretinographic responses and retinal ultrastructure of the great horned owl, Bubo virginianus Ph. D., Biology  1985 YB1985 .A94
Chamberlain, Aurora-Jean Antibody detection in coccidioidomycosis: enzyme immunoassays with mycelial and spherule phase antigens M.S., Microbiology  1985 Y1985 .C35
Grunder, Scott A. Biotic responses to sediment removal in a tributary of Silver Creek,1985 Idaho M.S., Biology  1985 Y1985 .G78
Honigman, Allen S. Development of a DOT-ELISA for the detection of antibodies to the systemic mycoses M.S., Microbiology  1985 Y1985 .H66
Jenkins, Jill Ann. Isolation and characterization of rainbow trout, Salmo gairdneri, immunoglobulins M.S., Microbiology  1985 Y1985 .J46
Kayton, Robert James Histochemistry, x-ray elemental analysis, ultrastructure and development of the Haptoral sclerites of Gyrodactylus sp. (Platyhelminthes:Monogenea) from the Utah chub, Gila atraria (Girard) Ph. D., Biology  1985 YB1985 .K39
Lyon, Robert Edward Helminth parasites of six lizard species from southern Idaho M.S., Biology  1985 Y1985 .L96
Mullican, Tim R. Ecology of the sagebrush vole (Lemmiscus curtatus) in southeastern Idaho M.S., Zoology  1985 Y1985 .M84
Owens, Rick D. Diagnosis of histoplasmosis and blastomycosis : immunodiffusion and enzyme immunoassays M.S., Microbiology  1985 Y1985 .O93
Park, WooYang Changes in streptococcal population during treatment of periodontal disease with chloramine-T M.S., Microbiology  1985 Y1985 .P37
Skinner, William D. Importance of behavioral, morphological and size aspects to the capture and ingestion of invertebrates by drift feeding trout M.S., Biology  1985 Y1985 .S54
Clemens, Dahn L. Development of monoclonal antibodies for use in an enzyme-linked immusobent (i.e. immunosorbent) assay (Elisa) for infectious pancreatic necrosis (IPNV) virus M.S., Microbiology  1984 Y1984 .C43
Gamblin, Mark. Effects of Mount St. Helens ashfall on trout in tributaries of the St. Joe River, Idaho M.S., Zoology  1984 Y1984 .G35
Houser, Maurice Doyle Elisa detection of antibodies to Histplasma capsulatum in human sera specimens M.S., Microbiology  1984 Y1984 .H68
Manning, D. Scott Development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus M.S., Microbiology  1984 Y1984 .M36
Raman, Chander Development of a modified enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (Elisa) to detect Histoplasma capsulatum antigens M.S., Microbiology  1984 Y1984 .R33
Ramsey, Douglas W. Neutralization enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus in salmonids M.S., Microbiology  1984 Y1984 .R35
Seawell, Betty J. W. Production of ethanol using water extracts of Gleditsia triacanthos pods by Saccharomyces cerevisiae dady and Zymomonas mobilis ATCC 10988 M.S., Microbiology  1984 Y1984 .S42
Spateholts, Robert Laroy Ecology of naturalized and introduced stocks of brook trout in Henry's Lake, Idaho M.S., Zoology  1984 Y1984 .S62
Taylor, Daniel M., Effects of cattle grazing and other factors on passerine birds nesting in willow riparian habitat M.S., Biology  1984 Y1984 .T39
Terry, James M. Use of spherulin in an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (Elisa) to detect antibodies to Coccidioides immitis M.S., Microbiology  1984 Y1984 .T47
Bright, Stuart W. Improved enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus of trout M.S., Microbiology  1983 Y1983 .B75
Filipovich, Michael A. Small mammal density, movement, and food habits on the SL-1 radioactive-waste disposal area, Idaho National Engineering Laboratory M.S., Zoology  1983 Y1983 .F54
Kolbet, Patricia Study of the relative abilities of full-term human, ovine, and bovine placentae to convert androstenedione to estrogens (estradiol-17B, estrone, and estriol) M.S., Zoology  1983 Y1983 .K64
Lawson, Peter Wayne Predator avoidance responses of emphemeroptera nymphs to mottled sculpin M.S., Zoology  1983 Y1983 .L38
Litke, Richard T. Transport of dissolved and particulate organic carbon in Rocky Mountain ephemeral streams Ph. D., Zoology  1983 YB1983 .L58
Pepsin, Michael J. Ethanol production using continuous flow fermentation and whole cell immobilization M.S., Microbiology  1983 Y1983 .P46
Schill, Daniel J. Hooking mortality of cutthroat trout in a catch-and-release segment of the Yellowstone River, Yellowstone National Park M.S., Biology  1983 Y1983 .S354
Shumar, Mark Lucas Factors affecting the distributions of two subspecies of big sagebrush M.S., Biology  1983 Y1983 .S58
Veith, Rachel D. Dispersal, relative density, and speed of carrion location of the burying beetle, Nicrophorus hecate bland (Coleoptera: Silphidae) in southeastern Idaho M.S., Zoology  1983 Y1983 .V43
Weck, Margaret A. Effect of indomethacin and progesterone on plasma luteinizing hormone levels and hypothalamic prostaglandin E levels in ovariectomized deermice (Peromyscus maniculatus) M.S., Biology  1983 Y1983 .W42
Whitehead, Gordon S. Flora of the Island Park geothermal study area M.S., Biology  1983 Y1983 .W458
Whitfield, Michael B. Bighorn sheep history, distributions, and habitat relationships in the Teton Mountain range, Wyoming M.S., Biology  1983 Y1983 .W45
Wilson, Carolyn Jean Effects of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) on gonadal tissue and coronary arteries of rainbow trout, Salmo gairdneri M.S., Biology  1983 Y1983 .W54
Boyer, Michael J. Development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) that utilizes Histolyn CYL to detect an antibody response to Histoplasma capsulatum M.S., Microbiology  1982 Y1982 .B69
Brough, Douglas E. Glucose and gluconate metabolism in Thermus sp. T2 M.S., Microbiology  1982 Y1982 .B76
DeLate, Michael Francis Prey comparison in three nearctic raptors : golden eagles, red-tailed hawks, and great horned owls M.S., Zoology  1982 Y1982 .D44
Edris, Wade A. Use of one- and two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in detecting changes in protein phosphorylation and distribution in steroidogenically modified bovine adrenal cortical cells M.S., Microbiology  1982 Y1982 .E37
English, Joyce Lee. Black-billed magpie, Pica pica hudsonia: aspects of the communication system including documentation of vocalizations M.S., Zoology  1982 Y1982 .E54
Floyd, Donald Alan Comparison of three methods for estimating vegetal cover in sagebrush steppe communities M.S., Biology  1982 Y1982 .F56
Grant, David F. Nutrient acquisition strategies and protein dynamics of a detritus-eating aquatic insect, Pteronarcys californica (Newport) M.S., Zoology  1982 Y1982 .G73
Hussey, Charles E. Characterization of four new bacteriophages specific for Sphaerotilus natans species M.S., Microbiology  1982 Y1982 .H88
Hutchinson, Nancy A. Vegetation analysis of CRE-ACT Environmental Arts Center in southeastern Idaho M.S., Biology  1982 Y1982 .H882
Idris, Beatrice Dilber Relationship of vegetative growth and flowering time in altitudinally diverse populations of Geum triflorum M.S., Biology  1982 Y1982 .I37
Johnson, Randal D. Relationships of black-tailed jack rabbit diets to population density and vegetal components of habitat M.S., Zoology  1982 Y1982 .J63
Ludlow, John W. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus of trout M.S., Microbiology  1982 Y1982 .L83
Marlette, Guy M. Stability and succession in crested wheatgrass seedings on the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory Site M.S., Biology  1982 Y1982 .M37
Reynolds, Mark DuValle Nest defense of black-billed magpies M.S., Biology  1982 Y1982 .R49
Torian, Bruce Edward Studies on the in vitro uncoating of poliovirus M.S., Microbiology  1982 Y1982 .T67
Wenderoff, Leslie R. Trophic competition between threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus) and rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri) in three lakes in the Matanuska Valley, southcentral Alaska M.S., Zoology  1982 Y1982 .W449
Bruns, Dale A. Species diversity and spatial niche relations in guilds of predaceous stream insects Ph. D., Biology  1981 YB1981 .B78
Faler, Carolyn Yvonne Manuel Production and fate of aquatic macrophytes in Deep Creek, Idaho Ph. D., Biology  1981 YB1981 .F34
Findholt, Scott L. Organochlorine pollutants, eggshell quality and reproductive success in black-crowned night herons M.S., Zoology  1981 Y1981 .F55
Fuller, Ross K. Habitat utilization, invertebrate consumption and movement by salmonid fishes under fluctuating flow conditions in the Big Lost River, Idaho. M.S., Biology  1981 Y1981 .F84
Gregg, Watson W. Aquatic macrophytes as a factor affecting the microdistribution of benthic stream invertebrates M.S., Zoology  1981 Y1981 .G74
Groves, Craig R. Ecology of small mammals on the subsurface disposal area, Idaho National Engineering Laboratory site M.S., Zoology  1981 Y1981 .G76
Hale, Alan Barker Assembly of morphological types in stream insect communities Ph. D., Biology  1981 YB1981 .H34
Humphrey, David. Patterns and mechanisms of plant succession after fire in foothills areas of southeastern Idaho M.S., Biology  1981 Y1981 .H84
LeMaster, David B. Foraging ecology of a population of trumpeter swans wintering in southeast Alaska M.S., Zoology  1981 Y1981 .L44
Perry, James A. Diel and seasonal carbon, nutrient, and mineral budgets in two cold spring ecosystems Ph. D., Zoology  1981 YB1981 .P47
Peterson, Kenneth R. Attempted indirect induction of prophage lambda by nicked or gapped DNA M.S., Microbiology  1981 Y1981 .P48
Poole, Walton C. Ecological bioenergetics of Pteronarcys californica (Newport) Ph. D., Zoology  1981 YB1981 .P66
Powers, Leon R. Nesting behavior of the ferruginous hawk (Buteo regalis) Ph. D., Biology  1981 YB1981 .P69
Rrison, Carl Christopher Search for plasmids in Sphaerotilus natans using a rapid plasmid DNA isolation procedure M.S., Microbiology  1981 Y1981 .M67
Woods, Robert H. Factors modifying the binding of cGMP to partially purified quanosine 3':5'-monophosphate-dependent protein kinase M.S., Microbiology  1981 Y1981 .W66
Becker, Jonathan J. Star Valley local fauna (Early Hemphillian), southwestern Idaho M.S., Zoology  1980 Y1980 .B42
Brock, James Thacher Annual metabolism of a desert stream-segment ecosystem, Rock Creek, Idaho M.S., Zoology  1980 Y1980 .B77
Conrad, Gregory Stevens Biostratigraphy and mammalian paleontology of the Glenns Ferry Formation from Hammett to Oreana, Idaho Ph. D., Biology  1980 YB1980 .C66
Cuffney, Thomas F. Ecology of Arctopsyche grandis (Banks) (Trichoptra: Hydropsychidae) M.S., Zoology  1980 Y1980 .C83
Dodge-LaRoche, Carole Observations on the life history and ecology of Gymnaetron tetrum Fabricius (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) M.S., Zoology  1980 Y1980 .D62
Farley, Louis C. Behavioral-ecology of swans wintering in southeast Alaska M.S., Zoology  1980 Y1980 .F375
Hartwell, Larry J. Detection and function of cyclic AMP in Thermus sp. T2 M.S., Microbiology  1980 Y1980 .H37
Jarvis, Donald L. Effects of ultraviolet irradiation on poliovirus : production and characterization of modified particles and characterization of the modifying reaction M.S., Microbiology  1980 Y1980 .J37
Kent, James Christopher Effect of Raft River geothermal water and an anti-corrosive, potassium dichromate, on the immune response of the channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) Ph. D., Biology  1980 YB1980 .K45
La Point, Thomas W. Role of ciliated protozoa and bacteria in stream benthic organic matter decomposition Ph. D., Zoology  1980 YB1980 .L32
Lovejoy, Steven H. Patterns in the distribution of plants and animals on lava flows and kipukas in southeastern Idaho M.S., Zoology  1980 Y1980 .L68
Moeller, John R. Dissolved organic matter dynamics and benthic microbial densities in the upper Salmon River, Idaho Ph. D., Zoology  1980 YB1980 .M63
Nautch, Irene M. Scansorial use of selected Douglas-fir stands by small mammals M.S., Zoology  1980 Y1980 .N38
Neil, Edwin Jack Effects of testosterone cypionate on various physiological parameters and atherosclerotic lesion development in pubescent male rabbits M.S., Zoology  1980 Y1980 .N44
Semba, Rick Periovulatory changes in ovarian prostaglandin content in Peromyscus maniculatus M.S., Biology  1980 Y1980 .S45
Shepard, Richard B. Role of aquatic insect feces in stream ecosystems Ph. D., Biology  1980 YB1980 .S53
Souza, Dennis W. Ontogeny of lymphokines in mice : development of the ability to synthesize and respond to migration inhibitory factor and mitogenic factor M.S., Microbiology  1980 Y1980 .S68
Thrift, J. Barry. Utilization of amino acids by Clostridium sticklandii M.S., Microbiology  1980 Y1980 .T57
Watson, Lynn R. Toxicity of geothermal brine to fish and invertebrates from Raft River, Idaho M.S., Zoology  1980 Y1980 .W37
Wilkosz, Robert J. Coyote habitat preferences on the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory Site in southeastern Idaho M.S., Zoology  1980 Y1980 .W54
Wright, Scott H. Mutant isolation and genetic transformation studies with Thermus sp. T2 M.S., Microbiology  1980 Y1980 .W75
Yasuda, Robert P. Distribution of cAMP-dependent protein kinases in the cytosolic and mitochondrial subcellular fraction of bovine adrenal cortex M.S., Microbiology  1980 Y1980 .Y37