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Web Grading

Important Guidelines

  • Please ensure grades for all courses (including independent study, thesis and dissertation credits) are submitted by the deadline.

  • End of semester processing will commence promptly after the grading period concludes. It is crucial that grades are submitted by the specified deadline. Failure to do so may have detrimental effects on students who are awaiting their grades, including:

    • Official transcripts will not be issued to students with missing grades.
    • Summer Financial Aid can be impacted.
    • NCAA eligibility can be impacted.
    • Veterans benefits can be impacted.
  • In order to submit a missing grade, a Change of Grade form is needed which requires the signatures of the instructor, department chair, dean and, if it is a graduate level course, the dean of the Graduate School. Please make every effort to submit grades on time to avoid this cumbersome process.

  • If you need to grade a graduate project, thesis or dissertation course and the student has not completed the necessary work for the course, the IP grade is available to you to assign. Do not use the I grade.

  • If you are grading a student who completed a graduate project, thesis, or dissertation this semester, simply choose S on the grade list. You will need to turn in a Change of Grade form for any courses that were issued grades of IP in previous semesters. If there are multiple semesters of grade changes for the same credit type (thesis, dissertation, etc.), they can all be submitted on one form; please clearly mark all of the semesters that apply.

  • The ISU Incomplete Grading policy is laid out in the undergraduate and graduate catalogs. If the student meets the Incomplete requirements, please fill out the form and collect the student’s signature. If you give an I grade, you will be required to set the grade that a student will receive if they do not complete the terms of the Course Completion contract. Students who receive an Incomplete should NOT re-enroll in the course the following semester.

    Course Completion Contract
  • We recommend you confirm you have access to the grading function on MyISU.  In the event you are unable to access the courses for grading purposes please reach out to the Office of the Registrar for further assistance.

Using the X Grade

  • If a student has not attended the course or stopped attending, please give the student a grade of X, for “Not Attending” and provide the last date of attendance. It is important to note that both the F and X grades signify a failure in the course.  The F grade should be given to students who have completed the course but have not met the necessary objectives. On the other hand, the X grade is appropriate for students who have not attended or have stopped attending before completing the course. If you choose to award an X grade, you will be required to enter the date the student stopped attending or the start of the term if they never attended.

  • If a student has never attended or has stopped attending a course that is graded S/U, please give the student a U grade and enter the last date of attendance.

  • When students withdraw, they may no longer be eligible for the full amount of financial aid they were scheduled to receive. The X grade and the related last date of attendance are essential to determining the amount of aid the student has earned at the time of withdrawal.

For Help

  • For instructions on how to enter final grades, please see MyISU Grading Instructions.
  • Contact the IT Help Desk at x4357 or help@isu.edu.
  • Contact the Office of the Registrar at x2661 or email the reginfo@isu.edu.