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Classroom Scheduling Policy

The Office of the Registrar is the primary scheduler for all University classrooms. To carry out the mission of Idaho State University, the classroom facilities are primarily for use by students, faculty and staff for activities and programs that are directly related to the basic educational functions of teaching, research, and preparation of scholarly material. Every effort is made to ensure that classrooms are assigned fairly, used appropriately, and accommodate the University’s academic and instructional needs. The Office of the Registrar maintains a central record of all assignments which is the only official source of information about class meeting locations.

Classroom scheduling is a dynamic process requiring evaluation of class size, equipment specifications, and pedagogical changes each term. The assignment of a specific room at a specific time in a given term will not automatically guarantee a continuing assignment of that space. While endeavors are made to allocate to each course the room best suited to its needs, it is not always possible to assign an individual class to the room preferred by the instructor. Due to the pressure of space, as well as the difficulty of developing student schedules, deans and department chairs should observe the following university parameters when building their course schedules.

General Classrooms

  • All general classrooms are owned by the University and no department will have ownership. Departments may request scheduling priority for general classrooms if they provide and maintain equipment for the room.
  • Room scheduling is based on the course information and room requirements submitted by the academic departments using the Course Scheduling Worksheet (CSW). It is the responsibility of the Office of the Registrar to coordinate with the deans and chairs the timetable for departments to submit their course offerings. The University Scheduler will provide the Course Scheduling Timetable and Course Scheduling Worksheet to the Department Scheduler for each department prior to the scheduling period each semester. It is important that departments accurately identify enrollment requirements and all A/V, projector, and technology needs on the first draft of the schedule. Departments that do not meet the deadline will be roomed last and will not be guaranteed any special room requests.
  • The Registrar will be the arbitrator when a conflict exists between departments requesting the same classroom at the same time. The decision will be based on the best use of the space. Factors influencing the decision will include scheduling priority, class limits, past enrollments, technology, and non-standard time slots. As an example, a course offered on Tuesday, Thursday from 11:00 – 12:15 would be given higher priority for a classroom than one offered on Tuesday, Thursday from 11:30 -12:45 or Tuesday from 9:30 -12:00.
  • Events such as faculty meetings, recitations or tutorials meeting on a regular basis during a semester using general classroom space will be considered after course scheduling is finalized for a semester.

Computer Labs

Computer labs are scheduled by the Office of the Registrar using the following priority:

  1. Courses requesting computer labs on CSW during the first draft.
  2. Courses using the lab on specific dates requested during the first draft.
  3. Courses using the lab on specific dates requested after the first draft on a first-come first-serve basis.

NOTE: There are currently only four computer labs on campus that are available to reserve: Liberal Arts 270 (seats 32), Rendezvous 213 (seats 40), Rendezvous 215 (seats 40), and Turner 111 (seats 20).


All rooms classified as laboratories may be scheduled by the individual departments. However, this information must also be provided to the University Scheduler for record-keeping purposes.

Non-Course Scheduling

Classrooms and computer labs are for ISU academic courses, ISU events, and ISU hosted events only. We do not currently allow community usage of these spaces. Food and beverages are strictly prohibited in all academic spaces.

Please contact the University Scheduling Coordinator to request the following:

  • The use of a general classroom or computer lab for an academic class, such as an additional meeting time, an alternate (or secondary) exam room, a breakout room, review sessions, class presentations, or faculty search presentations, etc.
  • The use of a classroom or computer lab for a non-academic event, such as a conference, training program, workshop, etc.

Please note that classroom and computer lab requests for future terms will not be assigned until all course scheduling has been completed. Food and beverages are strictly prohibited in all classroom and computer lab spaces.

Once your email request is received, the staff of Academic Scheduling will verify whether a classroom/computer lab is available and complete the reservation. You will then be sent an email message with the room assignment. Normal processing time is two to three business days. We will send a copy of the assignment to an additional person upon request.

Contact Information:
University Scheduler
Campus Box 8196
Pocatello, ID 83209
(208) 282-4226