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Diploma Name Standard


The diploma name must match the legal first and last name on file with Idaho State University.   

To change a legal first and/or last name, on the diploma, a student must submit a Name Change Form with supporting legal documentation (Social Security Card, or passport) to the Office of the Registrar, which formally updates the University record.  Please submit any legal name updates as soon as possible.   

All name change request forms must be submitted one week before the last day of the term in which a student plans to graduate.  Once a diploma is issued, any changes/updates to the name will require the purchase of another copy of the diploma.

The Registrar’s Office emails students if the diploma name submitted does not meet the diploma name standard outlines above.   Any diploma name that does not match the legal first and last name will reverted back to the legal name on file with the university before the degree is awarded and diplomas are issued.  

Please note:

  • Middle names may be added, removed, abbreviated or expanded as necessary
  • Suffixes are permissible (ex :   III)
  • Periods are placed after all middle initials. If you do not want a period after your middle initial, please email gradisu@isu.edu with this request.
  • To insert a special diacritical mark or accent, please copy and paste the character from Microsoft Work into the diploma name field when you submit your application for graduation.
  • Names in all capital letters will be changed to mixed case (only the first letter of each name is capitalized)


International Students

Diploma names for international students must match the exact name as it appears on their passport, visa, insurance and other official documents.  Various international governments and verification agencies accept a student’s diploma as official only if it is issued under the name listed on the official university record.