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Idaho State University College of Pharmacy invites you to the 2022 Recruiting and Exhibition Fair. Job opportunities in pharmacy are varied and this is your opportunity to find out what job suits you best. This is a professional company exhibition fair, so dress to impress, bring your resume, and be prepared to have fun.  

P1’s:  It’s Your First Fair (Attendance is required)

The Pharmacy Fair is an annual event held over the course of two days where students can come together to explore their pre- and post-graduation opportunities. You can mingle with recruiters, interview for internships, discuss P4 rotations, and start thinking about residencies.

Not only is the Pharmacy Fair an informational event, but it is also a social event. Classes are canceled, and students from all levels and locations can come together to share stories . . . without the aid of video technology. Students are expected to travel to the fair.

I’m just a P1.  Why should I go?

Even though the Pharmacy Fair is required for all P1 students, you may be tempted to skip to catch up on sleep or to read the next physiology chapter -- but don’t let minor short-term goals keep you away from your long-term objective of future employment! Yes, we do have recruiters from Eastern Idaho for you Pocatello students in attendance.

         - Internships -

Recruiters are hunting for P1s to fill internship spots at their respective pharmacies.  Internships are a valuable way of providing community-based experience to augment your education in the classroom. If you’re not looking for an internship, you can still mingle with recruiters at the Company Exhibition Fair to ask questions and to learn what employers are looking for in a new employee. Building relationships is key to finding a job upon graduation. It’s never too early to start networking and career planning!

         - Volunteer -

It’s a Pharmacy Fair tradition for P1s to help with the “behind the scene” efforts that make the fair a success. As the date approaches, the student volunteer coordinator will come talk to your class and sign-up sheets will be posted.

P2s and P3s:  Don’t lose sight of your goals!

Since you’ve been to the fair before, you can relate to the energy surrounding the event.  Although it is not required for you to attend in your P2 and P3 years, it is important to keep your relationships current with the recruiters for future jobs. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the job. Recruiters are also very interested in P2s for internships. 

P4’s:  It’s Your Last Fair! (Attendance is required)

The majority of pharmacy school is behind you and graduation is beginning to become a reality. You’ve dispersed for P4 rotations, but ISU welcomes you back to campus to take advantage of Pharmacy Fair to ask recruiters questions about future employment, to learn about residencies, and to share stories from your rotation experiences. Please check with your preceptors regarding relief time for you to attend.  You may be expected to make up any missed rotation time.

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