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M.S. in Nursing Program Estimated Costs – Per Semester

Item Cost For Full Time
MS Nursing Program Tuition1
$4,963 for in-state tuition
$13,111 for out-of-state tuition3
Professional Program Fees2 $1,188
Books ~$500
Malpractice Insurance $5
Health Insurance Varies
Travel to Clinical Sites Varies
Approximate Total Per Semester1
In-State Costs: ~$6,656
Out-of-State Costs: ~$15,0043
Approximate Total for 5-Semester Program1
In-State Costs: ~$29,473
Out-of-State Costs: ~$63,8603
Program Length: 5 Semesters

 Note: semester cost estimate above does not include other items you may need that are not purchased on a semester basis. Items may include but are not limited to application fees, background check, CPR certification, immunizations, white lab coat, graduation regalia.

1Fees reflect the 2019-2020 rate and are subject to change. The estimate above does not include remaining prerequisite courses or the cost to complete your BSN degree (if applicable). The Nursing Advisor can provide a cost analysis based upon your prior credits and degree(s). Although Out-Of-State Costs are listed here, non-resident students enrolled in eISU (online) courses will have the Non-Resident Fee waived, resulting in our non-resident students being assessed In-State Costs. See the current ISU Cost of Attendance at and

2In addition to ISU tuition and fees, a professional fee is assessed for all undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Nursing. Professional fees for the nursing programs are used to support faculty salaries, instruction support services, durable & disposable equipment and supplies, faculty and staff program travel, capital equipment and a reserve for maintenance and purchase of major capital items.

3Review the funding and support options for graduate students (, and contact the Scholarship Office to see if you are eligible for scholarships (