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Idaho Area Health Education Centers Program Office

Logo of Idaho Area Health Education Center Program Office

Our Mission

The mission of Idaho AHEC is to develop a diverse and sustainable health care workforce in rural and underserved communities in Idaho.

Our Vision

Idaho AHEC (Area Health Education Center) ENVISIONS guaranteed access to high-quality healthcare services for all Idahoans.


  • Equal opportunities – for Idahoans to advance in healthcare professions

  • Accessible avenues - to quality care for all Idahoans

  • Interprofessional approaches - to address the social determinants of health

  • Mirrored diversity - between health care professionals and community members

  • Healthy Workplaces- that support provider growth and wellbeing

Pivotal Ventures

  • Improve statewide response- to healthcare workforce needs in Idaho.

  • Grow AHEC Centers’ capacity- to address healthcare workforce needs in their communities.

  • Facilitate successful implementation- of AHEC Centers’ four core activities including AHEC Scholars, Continuing Education, Pipeline, and Community-Based Experiential Training.

  • Champion Idaho- highlights the benefits of living and working in Idaho.

  • Partnerships and collaborations- with stakeholders to meet strategic goals and ensure Idaho AHECs’ success.