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Refugees' experiences of resettlement in Idaho

At Idaho AHEC we work to improve health of underserved and vulnerable populations. Acknowledging the challenges of refugee resettlement, we support research on refugees' experiences in Idaho that impact on their health. With the collaboration of the College of Southern Idaho Refugee Center, and Master of Public Health of ISU, this evaluation will enhance the knowledge about resettlement challenges, and contribute to the development of future prevention interventions.

Picture of Juanita

Photo taken in a rural hospital, Colombia

Juanita Triana, MPH student 

Main researcher 

(208) 282-2116


Juanita one of our Idaho AHEC interns and Master of Public Health student of ISU from Colombia. She is a physician in her home country, with experience in working with rural population. As an international student, she has develop an interest in researching about health determinants in immigrant population.

Currently, Juanita is developing an evaluation about refugees' experiences of resettlement in Idaho, considering the structural and cultural factors that might influence this phenomena. 

My experience as an Idaho AHEC Career Path Internship


I am one of the AHEC interns. As part of my duty, I have had the opportunity to develop and support research, work closely with communities and build relationships with local stakeholders, represent AHEC in academic events, assist in data entry and management, among others. Being an AHEC intern is an incredible experience to evolve professionally and personally, I so grateful for the opportunity to work with amazing people that share the same purpose of improving health in underserved communities.

Picture of a rural areaPhoto take by Juanita in El Dorado, Colombia