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Driver's License

If you are an international student or scholar at Idaho State University and would like to apply for a Drivers License, Learners Permit, or State of Idaho Identification Card you will need to provide the following items to the Bannock County Courthouse Motor Vehicle Department:

  1. Copy of your valid Passport with U.S. Visa.
  2. Copy of your I-94, which can be obtained from https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/#/home.
  3. Copy of your form I-20.
  4. Proof of residency/current local address clearly showing your full name and address – i.e. Rental/Housing agreement, School Registration Form w/fees from I.S.U., Paycheck stub, or utility bill such as gas, water, power, phone or cell phone.
  5. If you are on optional practical training (OPT), your EAD (employment) card.
  6. If you have changed non-immigrant status while in the U.S., your I-797 approval notice.
  7. Social Security Card OR Social Security Denial Letter (see below) from the Social Security Administration
    1. A Social Security Denial letter may be obtained at the Social Security Administration office located at 861 Jefferson Ave, Suite B, Pocatello (866)-643-3407.

Application Procedures

  1. The Bannock County Courthouse Motor Vehicle Department will collect all necessary documents listed above.
  2. Costs:
    • $30 for the license
    • $3 for the written knowledge test
    • $17.50 for the driving test
    • $6.50 county fee
  3. Testing is conducted Monday through Thursday between 7:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M.
  4. Bannock County Motor Vehicle Department will issue a Learners Permit (so that a professional instructor can teach you how to drive) only after passing the written test.
  5. You will be given a list of local driving testers.
  6. You will be responsible to call and make an appointment for your driving test.
  7. The driving tester will give you a sealed envelope at the completion of your test. Bring the sealed envelope back to the Bannock County Motor Vehicle Department with all of your documents.
  8. Upon successfully passing both the written and driving test, you will be issued your State of Idaho Drivers License.

Preparing for the Written Driver's Test

For a free resource to prepare for the driver knowledge test, visit the DMV Permit Test or ePermitTest.

Local Driving Schools and Instructors

Armstrong Driving School
995 S. Arthur
(208) 242-6237

Always Traffic Safety
1920 North Harrison Avenue
(208) 233-1626

Ace Driving School
424 W Lewis
(208) 479-4858

R&R Driving School
1800 Garrett Way
(208) 233-1755