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Kellee Kirkpatrick receiving a distinguished faculty award

Graduate Faculty 

See the list of current graduate faculty members and information. Please contact the Graduate School for updates. 

Potential use scenarios: 

  • Course Substitution

  • Waive Required Course

  • Waive a Low Grade

  • Reduce Number of Credits for a Course

  • Reduce Total Degree Credits Required

  • Include in Credits and Grade Calculation

  • Update Catalog Year

DegreeWorks Petitions by College:

  1. College of Arts & Letters
  2. College of Business
  3. College of Education
  4. College of Science & Engineering
  5. College of Health
  6. School of Nursing
  7. Rehabilitation & Communication Sciences
  8. College of Pharmacy
  9. Non-Degree Seeking

Other Petitions:

Cohort/Class Exception 

DegreeWorks Service Request

Request to Schedule Oral Defense   (Must be submitted by Committee Chair or Department Chair)

Petition to Restructure Graduate Assistantship

Committee Approval Form

Incomplete Grade Contract - Graduate

Instructor Approval Request Form


October 1, 2024 – The 2024-2025 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs will be available to departments for editing.

Catalog Revision Process

Program Descriptions Template