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Graduation Information

Graduate Student Checklist:

  1. Final Program of Study Form
    • Must be turned into the Graduate School one semester prior to intended semester of graduation (see Dates and Deadlines).
    • This form is created between the student and major advisor.
  2. Graduation Application Fee:
    • Submit application online through BengalWeb.
    • A fee of $20.00 will be assessed to all applications.  Please submit payments online via BengalWeb. The fee must be paid prior to graduation (see Dates and Deadlines).
  3. Comprehensive written Examinations:
    • Deadline varies by department. Must be completed before final oral defense (see Graduate Catalog).
  4. Thesis or Dissertation Draft to Committee Members:
    • Thesis/dissertation copies in substantially final form shall be in the hands of the examining committee at least 2 weeks prior to the date scheduled for the oral examination.
  5. Oral Examination (non-thesis and dissertation/thesis)
    • Must be held no later than 3 weeks prior to graduation (see Dates and Deadlines).
    • A written notification of the exam must be submitted to the Graduate School no later than one week prior to the exam.
  6. Submission of final thesis or dissertation clearance to graduate school:
    • Originally signed signature pages and electronic submission of the thesis/dissertation are due in the Graduate School 2 weeks following the successful defense. Please refer to the  to ensure your paper meets formatting guidelines.
  7. Change of Grade forms for all incompletes
    • Must be received by the Registrar’s Office 2 weeks after the semester ends.
    • Faculty are responsible for submitting forms to the Graduate School.
  8. Transfer of Credits
    • Request must be within 1st year of program enrollment, prior to submission of program of study
    • Official transcripts to be used for transfer of credits from other institutions to apply to a degree program at Idaho State University must be received in the Graduate School at the completion of the course, or 2 weeks after the semester ends, whichever comes first.
  9. Caps and Gowns:
    • Information packets are available and can be picked up at the following locations: the ISU Bookstore, Registration and Records, and the Graduate School. For other information concerning caps and gowns, contact the ISU Bookstore at (208) 282-3237.

If you do not complete requirements for the intended graduation date, you must update your application information with the Graduate School.

Summary of Procedures for Graduation



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