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Staff Photo of Wiky Christophin

Wiky Christophin

Application Analyst

Office: Room 401, Museum Building

(208) 282-4909


As an Application Analyst, Wiky reviews applications to be able to finalize and process for programs to review applications. He manages and collates incoming transcripts for inclusion with the remainder of the applicant’s material, observes accreditation and internal protocols for transcript utilization, manages and collates incoming test scores for inclusion with the remainder of an applicant’s materials, coordinates with Graduate Pathway Specialists to ensure timely and relevant updates as needed, and finalizes residency determinations. Additionally, he utilizes the application software to send final decision letters, monitor and report anomalies in application workflows, and update application performance requirements in our Student Information System (Banner). He works in conjunction with the Graduate Pathway Specialists for programmatic questions and the Technical Process Coordinator for system adjustments. He is the Graduate School’s internal point of contact for all application-related functions.

Wiky was born and raised in Florida and lived there until he was 21. He became a resident of Pocatello in late to mid-2020. He enjoys playing sports and exercising in general. He spends a good amount of time playing soccer and tennis. He has a passion for art and is a self-taught graphic designer. He loves to collect art. Whenever he travels, he always returns home with 2- 3 pieces, and his favorite part of it is when he purchases originals. He also has a passion for political science, specifically international relations theory.