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Annual Summary Report And Program Evaluation Surveys

Assessment Plan

Idaho State University’s Counselor Education program has a documented, empirically based plan for systematically evaluating the program objectives, including student learning. The Department gathers aggregate student assessment data that address (1) student knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions; (2) demographic and other characteristics of applicants, students, and graduates; and (3) data from systematic follow-up studies of graduates, site supervisors, and employers of program graduates. The information gathered is shared with the Department of Counseling Advisory Board, ISU administration, to the public via our webpage, and discussed by faculty to assess the effectiveness of departmental courses, program requirements, and other pertinent elements of the program. This information is then used to update and change the previous majors to improve the quality of the program.

ISU 2022 CACREP MidCycle Report Summary

2022 M.Coun. and PhD Employer Survey

2018-2020 PhD Alumni Survey

Alumni Ph.D. Survey 2016

Annual Summary Report

MCOUN Employer Survey

Master Alumni Survey 2012-2015

Ph.D Employer Survey 2017

Ph.D Employer Survey 2012-2015

Ph.D. Survey 2012-2016

Site Supervisor Survey - July 2016

Student Satisfaction Survey Spring 2016

Student Satisfaction Survey Fall 2015

Student Satisfaction Survey Spring 2015

Student Satisfaction Survey Fall 2014

Student Satisfaction Survey Spring 2014

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