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A collage of 4 photos. 3 of groups of study abroad students in china. One of the Great Wall of China. Text reads



The service and multi-cultural trip was to Sichuan University, Chengdu City, and Beijing, China. The trip involved working, research and multi-cultural commuication at the university, tours of Wangjang Park, Qingyand Taoist Temple and Wuhou Temple, and the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base. The students also hosted a workshop training program for Chinese counselors together with professor Gensang Zeren of Sichuan University.


Several adults playing game with children in the shade

A mural of a veiled woman holding corn painted on a brick wall

The Mexico course provided students with a culturally rich experience by engaging in cultural, historical, and spiritual community service and mental health issues. Students learned about the political, social, and environmental diversity of the country and experienced the history, customs, and culture of the Mexican people while engaged in activities at a domestic violence and children’s shelters in Puerto Vallarta.

Three pictures: one depicting a Thai Temple, one with two women riding elephants and one with a classroom full of children. Text reads: Thailand


The Thailand course included
an academic exchange
with the Psychology
Department at Chulalongkorn University;
a tour and service at an orphanage/shelter;
tour of the temples and historical sites
of Chiang Mai, a visit to an
all-female Buddhist monk temple; and
an Elephant Park Tour and Service.


A group of people and two dogs posing for a photo

A large group of people sitting around two tables in a dimly lit room

The goals and objectives for the course to Italy was to provide students with an international experience and unique personal growth adventure where the social, political, environmental, and cultural systems are tremendously different from that of the United States; stimulate students’ interest and desire to learn about the practice of Mental Health; engage students in the culture, customs, and spirituality of people in Italy by visiting cultural, archeological, and historical, meeting and conversing with local people, and participating in activities that reflect the Italian culture; and provide students an opportunity to engage in a service.

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