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TouchNet Marketplace uStore

Idaho State University encourages their Schools and Departments to use TouchNet Marketplace services because it helps the campus departments uniformly manage commerce operations across campus and utilize simplified control of information for reporting, auditing and other important functions.


Sajan Bajracharya
Sr. Computer Analyst
Email: bajrsaj2@isu.edu
Ph: (208)-282-4866

Marketplace uStore is a TouchNet module that allows departments to collect money for approved services/products/fees via online storefronts.

TouchNet Marketplace enables campuses to build and operate secure, webbased shopping cart applications and online payment pages. It connects buyers and sellers electronically, making it easy for students, parents, alumni, and the community to do business with the campus. Marketplace allows institutions to take control of security by placing financial transactions in the hands of appropriate campus authorities, while the responsibility for storefront appearance and contents is given to authorized campus groups. Customers are linked out from a department website to a customized storefront where they can select and pay for items via credit card. The site is PCI compliant and funds are automatically deposited to the general ledger.

TouchNet Marketplace is a self-contained e-commerce solution, combining online storefronts with inventory control, order fulfillment, and financial reporting.

  • Fill out a new form for each event.
  • Deliver the uStore Request Form(s) to the Controller's Office (Attention: Sajan ).
  • TouchNet uStore Request Form received by Controller's Office without UBO (University Business Officer) approval (signature on form) will be denied and returned to the Contact Person listed on the uStore Request Form.
  • The uStore administrator sets up the organization categories and items in a test environment and emails the URL test site to the Contact Person listed on the uStore Request Form. Once sign off is obtained, the site will be built in production and the TouchNet link is emailed to the contact person.
  • The Contact Person adds the TouchNet link to their website.

  • A New uStore requests can take up to two to three weeks to set up the test site.
  • A 3.0% fee will be assessed for credit card payments. You can increase the cost of the goods and services to offset fees.
  • TouchNet uStore Reports can be generated and training can be given based on need.
  • Contact the TouchNet Administrators if you have any questions.
  • Contact Sajan Bajracharya 282-4866, in Controller's Office, if you have any questions regarding the set up of eMarket TouchNet storefront.
  • Right now there is not a fee to setup the TouchNet uStore but in the future there will be a fee for this service.


  • How long does it take to get a store ready for production?
    Normally, it takes 2-3 weeks from the last meeting with the Controller's Office until the store is ready for department viewing. But it also depends on the number of products or stores requested.


  • What type of product or services are allowed by eMarket?
    eMarket storefronts may be used for a variety of products, services, or fees such as:
    • Event Tickets
    • Symposium Tickets
    • Transcript Fees
    • Testing Fees
    • Workshops Fees
    • Applications/Deposits
    • Physical Goods
    • Conferences
  • What type of product or services are not allowed by Marketplace?
    Marketplace uStores may be used for a variety of products, services, or fees such as:
    • Workshop Fees
    • Application Fees
    • Tickets
    • Continuing Education Classes
    • Daycare Registration
    • Deposits
    • Digital Goods
    • Event Registration
    • General Payments
    • Invoice Payments
    • Donation
    • Fundraiser
    • Memberships
    • Physical Goods
    • Services
    • Workshop Registration
    • Summer Campc, etc.
  • Are customers also required to use pc's and Internet Explorer?
    No. Customers may use any computer, mobile device or web browser.


  • What type of credit cards are accepted by eMarket storefront?
    Visa and MasterCard.


  • Can my department increase fees to cover the cost of the bank's merchant fee?


  • Can my department increase fees to cover the cost of the bank's merchant fee after the storefront goes live?


  • How will the money get into my account?
    Transactions that have occurred on your e-Market site will be processed and deposited to the revenue account(s) that you specified on your ISU TouchNet uStore Request FormThe money will be deposited the next business day after the transactions have occurred.


  • Who handles the departmental refund process on the eMarket storefront?
    Weston Whitworth handles all the departmental refund process. The refund is made directly to the credit card used and partial refunds are allowed.


  • Whom do we contact for questions about eMarket?
    You may contact Sajan Bajracharya at 208-282-4866, Email: bajrsaj2@isu.edu.