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Summer 2022 Tuition & Fees

Fee processing for Summer 2022 begins in April 2022.  Billing information is available on BengalWeb. Bills are not mailed to students. Students who register shortly before their classes start should pay fees online or at the Cashier's Office by Monday of the first week of class. Cash and check payments are accepted at the Cashier's Office on the third floor of the Administration Building.

Students should check in BengalWeb or in-person to verify fee payment and registration in classes.  Payments or qualified authorizations made by employers or other sponsoring agencies and received by the due date in ISU Finance and Business Affairs are posted to the student's account when received. To avoid late fees, students should verify payment and provide a copy of the authorization if payment is not yet posted to their account.

Students who need help with registration, scholarships, or financial aid can stop by the Museum Building Customer Service Center.

Summer Cost of Attendance


Undergraduate Fees

Part-Time (Per Credit Hour) $335.03
Mandatory Consolidated Fees $66.97

Total Tuition and Consolidated Fees per credit



Graduate Fees

Part-Time (Per Credit Hour) $458.00
Mandatory Consolidated Fees $66.97
Total Tuition and Consolidated Fees per credit $524.97
During the summer, non-resident fees are not charged to students being charged at the per credit hour rate with the exception of select programs. 

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What are Mandatory Consolidated Fees?

The Mandatory Consolidated Fee consists of the facilities fee, technology fee, and activity fees. This is not a new fee. This has been a part of the Full Time fee and Part Time Fee in the past. This change is a result of the State Board of Education's decision to present a breakdown of the total tuition assessed. A Full Time Student is assesed with a flat rate Consolidated fees whereas a Part Time Student is assessed with a per credit hour Consolidated Fee. This is added along with other class fees and professional fees (depending upon student registration) to the tuition of the student. 

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