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Tuition and Fee Refund Appeal

Policy Statement:

ISU will review a request for tuition and fee refund provided the student meets the requirements of the University's policy on Tuition and Fees Appeals and submits supporting documentation on official letterhead. Appeals that do not represent a sound basis for reimbursement will be denied. Appeals must be submitted no later than 6 months after the withdrawal date.

Submitting an Appeal:

  • Students must officially withdraw from courses before their appeal will be considered
  • Appeal documents are accepted at the Office of Finance and Business Affairs, Administration Building, 2nd floor, or can be mailed to ISU, Finance and Business Affairs, Mail Stop 8219, Pocatello, Idaho 83209, or can be emailed to
  • For other questions on the Tuition and Fee Refund Appeal process, please contact Finance and Business Affairs at 208.282.4207

Appeal Process:

All appeals are referred to the Tuition and Fees Refund Appeal Committee. This committee is comprised of representatives from Finance and Business Affairs, Student Affairs, College of Technology, and Academic Affairs. Appeals are reviewed on a monthly basis. Depending upon the complexity of the appeal and receipt of all supporting documentation, the processing time may vary from six to eight weeks.

  • Appeals are approved when a majority of the committee decides in favor of the request.
  • Committee decisions are final.

Please be advised that filing a tuition appeal does not exempt your account from the assessment of collection and/or financial penalties when applicable. Please pay tuition and fees when due. Late fees and collection fees are not appealable charges.

Tuition and Fee Refund Appeal