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College of Pharmacy Scholarships

The College of Pharmacy awards over $500,000 in scholarships annually. Scholarships range in size and go up to full Idaho resident tuition and fees. Scholarship awards are based on select criteria including academic performance, participation in pharmacy community outreach projects, alumni of specific Idaho high schools and many other attributes.

We thank our generous contributors for their support of these student scholarships that positively impact the financial and overall well-being of our students.

Carrie Urena-Class of 2022

Megumi Harris-Class of 2022

"Without the scholarships that I received, I may not have been able to succeed, and continue succeeding, in such a challenging program. They are more than just a dollar amount. For me they are the symbol of the hopes and dreams which I strive to achieve."

Carrie Urena, Class of 2022, Anchorage, AK

"Because I don't have the immense financial stress that pharmacy school can bring, I'm able to absorb everything that I learn at work, at school, from my coworkers, from different preceptors, to ultimately help me become a better pharmacist one day."

Megumi Harris, Class of 2022, Pocatello, ID, Rho Chi Vice President, PPSA Membership Vice President

Comments from one of our gracious donors show how important she feel it is to give back, and the satisfaction it provides for her own life.

"Attending Idaho State University is one of my most memorable experiences. I am extremely grateful for the education I received here, as it has opened the door for many opportunities. Investing in education is a worthwhile cause; it enriches oneself, the community and our world. Supporting Idaho State University is a small gesture of my gratitude and appreciation." 

~ Deborah A. Yee-Chow, Class of 1991

Available Scholarships

Michael Edward Araki-Kawaguchi

Asian American

Judith Marie Bernat


Lane Alan Broyles

Neal Atlee Broyles

Joseph W Carlson

Walter and Wayne Carte

College of Pharmacy Class of 1972

David and Jane Chu Foundation

Dr. Glenn W Corbett

Dean Emeritus Frank P. Cosgrove

Robert L. and W. H. “Bill” Dixon

Harold W. & Lois Austin Driver

E, I and J Memorial

EIRMC Auxiliary

Denise Fujimoto & Esther Fujimoto

Sidney J. and Amy A. Fry

Jennifer A. Garner Memorial

Joshua Gehrke PDX College of Pharmacy

Robert and Janice Goettsch

W. Robert Hepworth

Colonel Garth H. Holmes

Robert D. Joosten Memorial

Idaho Society of Health-System Pharmacists 

Robert D. Joosten Memorial

John B.& Virginia Kanarr

G. Richard “Dick” Kerr

Lucile H.  Kingsbury Memorial

Gordon R. Klodt Memorial

Sylvan L. Kuhn Endowment

Paul and Eleanor Loscalzo

Jeanette Low

Mark & Rachel Mailhot

Michael and Robyn Prime

Val D. Middleton Memorial

Ara G. & Shirley W. Paul

Wilma Jo Patterson

Pharmacy Alumni Memorial

Pharmacy General

Pharmacy Endowment

Mary Gunderson Moss Memorial

George Murray

Angela Osterman Memorial

Past Presidents of ISPA

Pullen-Grey Charitable

A.D. & Irene S. Rounds

Reinhaus Family Foundation

Robert and Diana Salzman

Frank L. Savage

Fred Schwamb

Skaggs, ALSAM Foundation

Sidney L. and Hetty H. Sly

Ralph & Betty Smith

William G. Story

Noall R. and Anna N. Streeper Pharmacy

Roy Y. and Linda Suminda

SuperValu -Albertsons

Bolujo F. Tunrarebi

Lawrence & Debra Updyke

Guy Curtis Waid

Walgreens Diverisity


Richard and Barbara Wells

RoseMary Sampson Wells

Dr. Dennis L. Wight, M.D.

Financial Aid

There are a lot of options to pay for your education, and knowing what’s out there and what you qualify for can help you make the best financial decisions for your needs.

Visit isu.edu/financialaid to learn more

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