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The purpose of Idaho State University’s College of Pharmacy (ISU-COP) is to prepare a competent pharmacy practitioner with effective primary care practice skills, including abilities to communicate and educate others on the rational use of medications and related devices.

Core Values

Mission Develop competent and caring pharmacists operating at the top of their scope of practice in a team based health care environment. 

Vision Become a leader in innovative experiential education by fostering excellence in collaborative, diverse patient centered care and continued preceptor development. 

Goal Provide innovative, patient-centered, interprofessional experiential education opportunities longitudinally across the curriculum.

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs)

Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs)

Spotlight: Preceptor and Site

January 2023: 
Site: Full Circle Health 
Preceptor: Roger Hefflinger PharmD

We are proud to announce our January Preceptor and Site of the Month. Full Circle Health (Formerly Family Medicine Residency of Idaho) and Roger Hefflinger PharmD, has been a partner with ISU for many years. Their site offers an intensive collaborative experience for students that allows them to gain a wide range of experience due to their partnership with Saint Alphonsus Hospital. Dr. Hefflinger is an ISU Alumni who has spent years teaching APPE, IPPE, and a wide range of didactic courses at ISU.  We asked Dr. Hefflinger to answer a few questions to give deeper insight about himself and his organization!

Tell us about your role at your organization.

I am now classified as the "Teaching Pharmacist" at Full Circle Health- which used to be called Family Medicine Residency of Idaho.  I help with our adult medicine service in Saint Alphonsus hospital and also provide outpatient drug information and patient counseling.

Tell us about your organization?

Full Circle Health is an eleven clinic health system around the Treasure Valley.  We have 2 family medicine residency programs (Boise and Nampa) as well as a new pediatric residency program.  Our mission is to train practitioners for underserved patients in rural areas of Idaho and across the nation. 

Tell us about what you enjoy about being a preceptor for ISU?

 I work with a wide variety of Interprofessional health care providers and our job as the Pharmacist and Pharmacy students is to make sure patients receive the best therapeutic outcomes.     

What advice would you give future Pharmacists and/or Students?

Pharmacy has expanded its role into many traditional and non-traditional areas in health care.  It is a rewarding profession and provides a wide variety of experiences to help improve patient health.           


Anything you would like us or students to know about your organization or yourself?

I am very enthusiastic about teaching people about medications.  This takes place in a wide variety of health care environments including retail, hospital, and ambulatory settings.  Full Circle Health is also an organization that is very committed to health care professional's education.  I play a small (but hopefully important) role in this educational process.  The organization has expanded to provide our patients with medications provided with 340-B purchasing and with this expansion we now support a PGY-1 Community based Pharmacy residency as well.    



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