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Welcome to Experiential Education

Core Values

Mission Develop competent and caring pharmacists operating at the top of their scope of practice in a team based health care environment. 

Vision Become a leader in innovative experiential education by fostering excellence in collaborative, diverse patient centered care and continued preceptor development. 

Goal Provide innovative, patient-centered, interprofessional experiential education opportunities longitudinally across the curriculum.

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs) are a series of clinical practicums that allow students to integrate and apply information learned in the didactic portion of the curriculum. The IPPE program is a total of 310 hours of pharmacy experiences to be completed throughout the first three professional years. IPPEs, under appropriate supervision as permitted by Idaho and Alaska practice regulations, allow students to assume direct patient care responsibilities and acquire a broad overview of pharmacy practice. By applying knowledge in a variety of practice settings, students develop their communication skills, attitudes, abilities, values, and practice skills, as well as an understanding of the health needs of diverse populations.

Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs) are a series of in-depth clinical practicums within the fourth professional year that build on the skills and knowledge obtained in the previous three years of the didactic pharmacy curriculum and reiterate the purpose of the ISU- COP. APPEs will stress patient care services, clinical skills, problem solving, critical thinking, interprofessional collaboration, outcome-oriented decision making, and professionalism which allows the student to incorporate and apply the values, skills, knowledge, ethics, and attitudes taught throughout the curriculum. Experiences are of adequate intensity, duration and breadth to enable achievement of required competencies which are demonstrated and validated by assessment of outcome expectations.

Spotlight: Preceptor and Site

Winter Spotlight 
Site: Pioneer Homes Pharmacy
Preceptor: Michelle Bai 

We are proud to announce our Winter Preceptors and Site of the Season. Pioneer Homes Pharmacy and Michelle Bai have been a partner with ISU for many years. Located in the Alaska zone, they provide a wealth of knowledge and experiences for our APPE and IPPE students who attend the UAA/ISU program. We asked them a few questions about their experiences being a preceptor and anything they would like to share with students or professionals. 

Tell us about your role at your organization.

The Pioneer Homes Pharmacy team provides services to elders residing in the largest long term care facility in the state of Alaska. This includes homes in Anchorage, Palmer, Fairbanks, Juneau, Sitka, and Ketchikan. We fill medications, analyze DUR’s, perform biannual chart reviews for our general population residents and monthly reviews for our skilled nursing residents, answer pharmaceutical questions “on demand” from nurses and providers, and provide staff education.        

Tell us about what you enjoy about being a preceptor for ISU?

I love that every student performs their work through the lens of their unique passion and interests within pharmacy. I truly believe our elder’s benefit from having an extra pair of eyes on them with a slightly different focus than the previous intern or pharmacist.  

What advice would you give future Pharmacists and/or Students?

Treat every rotation like it’s the job you want to have; work hard and be positive. You may not want to work at every rotation site when you graduate, but you do want every preceptor to be your greatest advocate when you hit the job market.

Anything you would like us or students to know about your organization or yourself?

While you are on rotation with us remember that we are advocating for people who most likely can’t or don’t know how to advocate for themselves. The work you do here is important and can greatly change the quality of a person's life when you give 100%.



Experiential Education Team

Cassandra Tack, MBA
Director of Experiential Education

Photo of Cassandra Tack


Joy Marie Menzel M.S.
Experiential Education Coordinator 

 Photo of Joy Marie Menzel


Melody Briggs
Administrative Assistant 


Zone Liaisons

Cassandra Tack, MBA 
Pocatello & Twin Falls
Kevin W. Cleveland, PharmD, ANP 
Western Idaho
(208) 373-1872
Luke Rice 
Northern Idaho


Michelle Barcelon, PharmD, BCPS, BCCP


Brandy Seignemartin, Pharm.D.
Stormi Essman 
administrative assistant for Affiliation Agreements


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