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Amphibians and Wetlands of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Adult Northern Leopard Frog floating in pond.

Open May 1 - July 26, 2024

The exhibit has been created by:

Charles R. Peterson (Idaho State University)
Debra Patla (Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative)
Andrew Ray (National Park Service)
Ben LaFrance (National Park Service)

The goal of this photo exhibit is to develop public appreciation for the diversity and ecological importance of amphibians in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE) and to raise awareness of the threats to amphibian populations and their habitats (e.g., climate change, habitat modification/fragmentation, disease, and introduced species).

More Information

About the Photographs

Most of these photographs were taken by Chuck Peterson in the field in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem between 2003 and 2023. He used a wide variety of cameras, including digital point-and-shoots, digital single-lens reflexes, mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, and iPhones.

Debra Patla and Andy Ray helped select the wetland sites to photograph.

Debra Patla, Andy Ray, Ben Lafrance, Nina Moore, Jericho Whiting, and Saac Lee helped with photographing the amphibians.

The photo files were processed in Adobe Lightroom Classic.

The images were printed on aluminum by McKenna Pro of Waterloo, Iowa.

The captions were written by Chuck Peterson, Debra Patla, Andy Ray, and Ben LaFrance.

If you are interested in purchasing a print, please contact Chuck Peterson at charlespeterson@isu.edu. All profits will go to the Greater Yellowstone Amphibian Monitoring project.

Further Information

Thank You

The exhibit is also made possible through funding from the Meg & Bert Raynes Wildlife Fund, sponsoring the photos and printing costs.

We also want to thank NRCC, of course, for managing the funds being incredible supporters of the monitoring efforts over the years. 1990’s 40% of the GYE amphibian monitoring budget was managed by NRCC.

We’d also like to thank the NPS (YELL and GRTE) and GRYN for their continued wetland and amphibian monitoring efforts, and the Idaho State University Dept of Biological Sciences, which is where Chuck has been a long-time professor.

Amphibians and Wetlands of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Photo Exhibit (2024

Know before you visit! Take a virtual tour of the Amphibians and Wetlands of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem photo exhibit.